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We believe in doing business with a sense of community and belonging. We believe we are always “your agents,” versus just some agents who helped you in a blip of time. We believe that we can continue to help you and, in return, you can continue to help us.


Selling a home is a matter of effective pricing, presentation and marketing of the home. We are agents who can help on all three fronts! No two house are the same but we know our markets and are prepared to put together an individualized plan and report on what to expect when selling your home. We would love the opportunity to check out your home and provide a free market analysis. Give us a shout!

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Buying a home can be a stressful process for a buyer especially without the help of an experienced agent. We are agents who understand the nuances of buying a home such as: how to protect a buyer in a contract, how the buyer is positioned in the ever-changing market, and how to judge the value on a prospective home. You can rely on us to help you navigate the home-buying process! We would love to arrange a sit-down meeting.

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