2018 Year-end Letter

Friends & Clients,

Greetings on behalf of the entire Nathan Krotzer Team! This 2018 year is one to remember and with promise of the same for 2019. Not only did we grow our business (with infinite thanks to our clients for referrals & repeat business), but we have made a change with much excitement to affiliate with RE/MAX Pinnacle. We love the RE/MAX brand and the culture of this RE/MAX franchise and look forward to the promise of what it will offer us and our family of clients. “Family of clients” is our aspiration, and we want you to continue to feel that relationship with us.

Last year I spoke to why we are different and why we resonate with many of our clients. In vain I would believe that you remember my words. In summary, it was about this ongoing relationship that we have with one another. While we are always a work in progress as professionals, we hope we have made some progress here in serving you and staying connected with you. You are not a commodity, and neither are we. Where some buyers or sellers are turning to the major real estate websites in search of an agent, our clients are more likely to turn to their friends and family for a referral. Isn’t this more meaningful and valuable? Doesn’t it feel right to be connected? My team will always dedicate ourselves to the client, before, during, and after the transaction in order to serve you and stay connected. Your referrals allow us to provide that level of service, and your referral is also a vote for the world to do business in a more meaningful way.
I alluded to what is ahead for us. You’ll have to stay tuned to us in early 2019. To help you stay tuned, we have finally reestablished a website outside of our popular Facebook page: nathankrotzerteam.com. On facebook, you may have noticed a regular provision of blog posts coming from each member of our team. Our variety included home improvement, homesteading, history, family recipes, and my father’s legendary “Getting Personal” column. We hope you find this content helpful, or entertaining, or valuable in the form of forging a stronger relationship between us.

Let us know how we can continue to serve you and how we can serve you better. We want to continue to do more to help our clients outside of a real estate transaction. Let us know if you have given our name out to somebody. It’s nice to know where we stand with you so we can acknowledge and appreciate you. Thank you and we look forward to serving you in 2019!


Nathan Krotzer