Buying a house on your work break

I just wanted to share a great service that I purchased for my 2012 year of business called Docusign.

Docusign is simply an electronic signature service. The old way of doing business required me, the agent, to fill out the paperwork, print it, and deliver it to the consumer (if the consumer was lucky). It may have required you to get in your car and drive to the agent’s office to sign paperwork for the evening. Inevitably, there were times when an initial was missed and someone had to get back in their car to acquire this signature. Not only was this a hassle, but it was a block of time that I may have had to put off until later in the day or even the next day.

Now, using docusign, the real estate agent is able to save on paper, toner, gas, and time. In return you, the consumer, also save on time and convenience (we keep the savings in paper and toner (; ). As I alluded to in the title, I had a buyer sign an offer on her phone during her work break! She had, of course, signed a previous offer and already had the benefit of understanding the agreement before she was able to do this.

How does it work? Each person must have their own email address for their unique signature. Each person must then agree to do business electronically. When the consumer receives the document to be signed, the agent has already requested their signature or initials at marked locations in the document. The consumer gets an emailed request for their signature, and then simply clicks to apply their uniquely selected signature, and submits the document. The agent can even allow a mark-up capability so the consumer can correct or abridge the original document.

Is your Realtor® on the cutting edge?

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