Charlie’s Inkspot

Greetings to you all!

A new romance softens the blow!

My beloved 2005 Durango is put out to pasture. If you are keeping up, Martha has been scouting for the replacement so about 2 weeks ago she pointed out some prospects that showed up at the Dodge dealership in Mt. Joy. The local dealer Susquehanna Dodge and Wissler in Mt. Joy are owned by the same people, so I went to the local people I know to review there inventory of vans and what not. It turns out that it was not such a simple process to buy a vehicle at Mt. Joy from my local people. It was advised that I just go there to purchase.

Well, I test drove a van at Susquehanna Dodge and took it to the boss for review, no go.

We took a trip to Mt. Joy and looked at a gorgeous Town and Country van, low mileage excellent condition and everything we would be looking for in a van except no hitch for the bikes. It could be added. I left there thinking it would be the next, and maybe last, car I would be driving.

Next stop, back to Susquehanna Dodge for a looksee with the boss. I pointed out a 2015 Durango Citadel, not as butch as my 2005 but very attractive. It did have the required three rows of seats!

The boss test drove it and to My surprise, the stamp of approval was given!


My son-in-law now owns my 2005 as his spare and bike transport.

I don’t miss the old Durango at all. I fully understand old men trading in the old model for a younger version! Still on the honeymoon.

The Market

Rates have come back down to the 4% to 4.25% range. The feared inflation the feds were protecting against is not only non-existent, deflation is more likely. Consumer confidence has dropped mildly as measured in spending so we will be looking at these kind of rates unless the economy heats up considerably more. Very good news for everybody!

It remains a seller’s market with continued low inventories and stiff competition for well priced homes. Buyers need to put their best foot forward immediately or be cast aside.

Prince and Princess Report

We have been so lucky to be able to babysit a great deal with the youngest of the grandchildren. Rosie and Jimmy spent an overnight as well as some additional opportunities to have them. They are so much fun, both becoming independent in their imaginative play. Jimmy has such a deep joyful laugh, like a pirate who just dug up his treasure! Annabelle and Ben haven’t had a recent overnight (Ben is not ready for that) but we have been getting our time

with them, sporadically, as we help out with Nathan and Beth’s busy schedules.

Claire and Leo have reached the age that puts them in a lot of activity that takes up their time. It is a natural progression but I miss seeing them as often. We still have plans to take them to Rehoboth in the not too distant future.

Home front News

No more Durango rust to remedy, leaving more time for golf! Just need weather to cooperate. Looks like the kitchen project will be undertaken the 2nd week in May. That renovation also includes the replacement of the front living room windows. The originals are in really bad shape. A big thank you to niece Nicky’s Husband Matt Noll (Locust Grove Home Renovations) for his efforts in this matter! If you are considering any remodeling you might want to give him a call, excellent work, excellent prices! 717- 309-7196

We have outside work to do now. My lawn is going to take a hit since the boss has nixed the lawn service for fear of the effects of the chemicals. Weeds, grubs and the dandelion crop will be abundant!

Until next month,

Charlie Krotzer