Greetings to you all!

Announcing that The Nathan Krotzer Team is sponsoring The RE/MAX Hot air balloon, & it is coming to Fourth Friday on Front. There will be food vendors, Half Nuts Popcorn Co. and live music on Front Street in Wrightsville August 23, 5:30 to 7:30. Tethered rides will be offered, first come first serve. We figure about 75 can participate. Come join us for all the fun and experience the Balloon! Summer is slipping away, I am not looking forward to the cold but a little relief form the scorching temps would be nice. I have spent more time at the pool this year than normal for me. I need to practice my golf swing as I have played little and am up for the Rotary Club Memorial tournament on Friday. I would not like to be too embarrassed.

The Market
Rates continue to be low and with the expected (small) cut from the Federal Reserve they could go lower. Still hovering around 4% or so depending on credit ratings. A strong economy continues to fuel demand for housing and the inventories are still very low.
Competition for properties remains severe. We are seeing less and less sellers conceding to granting closing cost help as the stronger buyers are getting first dibs and having success. These trends will likely continue.

Prince And Princess Report
The flu bug has limited some time with grand kids. We had a sleep over with Claire and Leo when Jeff and Aubri attended the Rolling Stones Concert in Philadelphia. Rosie and Jimmy also had a successful sleepover giving Austin and Olga a bit of a break. Olga’s difficult work schedule makes it hard for routine in the household. It is a joy to have them come to us and want to spend time with us. We keep lots of ice on hand as they all love to nurse cups of crushed ice. Even Ben likes to spoon ice while sitting on my lap as we search for soccer on TV. It seems to be “our thing”. Annabelle has become a pretty good swimmer as she has shed her water wings and works tirelessly to swim longer and longer distances. Although in wings and vests, Ben, Rosie and Jimmy are mimicking the motions and will soon get the hang if it. Ben, particularly is pretty adept, with no fear as he watches his big sister navigate. He doesn’t mind jumping in and going under the water, all great fun! Of course Clair and Leo have long since mastered the swim and enjoy horseplay in the pool. They have set a good example for the little ones. Looking forward to our October excursion to Rehoboth with Claire and Leo.

Home Front News.
Getting use to our ”new” kitchen. It is so nice to have the room for storage and a place for “stuff”. Still getting use to where everything is but it will be second nature to us soon enough. The window wrapping will likely occur this fall along with a new furnace. I am considering having a company “clean” out the vents as they have seen lots of years of dust, dog and cat hair. No attempts to experiment with the smoker. That is more my wife’s territory. The weather has made it too hot to fool with. Our barbeque grill is frustrating as no amount of cleaning has been able to get the burners to operate correctly. The solution is to quit buying costly models and pick up the $97 Wall Mart grill that I can expect to last as long as our last two grills. So much more cost effective and we no longer grill for many people at once so smaller is better. Although we were committed to no more pets, we now have a new dog. Janie, a rescue dog, is an atypical Chihuahua. She only barks at other animals, is friendly to everyone, she is not nervous and she is fairly intelligent. She is adjusting well to her new home and despite all my protestations, she is now a member of my family and I adore her.

Until next month,