Christmas Greetings

I find it hard to believe that Christmas is only one week away. Every year it seems to go quicker and quicker. It’s a tradition in our home to pull our Christmas decorations out the weekend after Thanksgiving to display them. This year, we even bought our tree that weekend because Stauffer’s was offering 10% off. Anyone who is familiar with Stauffer’s knows it’s always good to get a discount there whenever you can because they aren’t cheap. Surprisingly, they have some of the best prices on Christmas trees around and even now many weeks in, it’s not dropping a lot of needles.

I love having all of our Christmas decorations out mostly because almost all of them very good memories attached to them. My parents started my ornament collection for me when I was young and they have carried on that tradition with Claire and Leo. We have so many ornaments now that they all couldn’t possibly fit on the tree at once. I joke with the kids that it’s probably a good thing because we do have two cats and the one used to climb the tree when he was younger. He hasn’t done that lately, but I am fully expecting to someday find our tree lying on the ground with ornaments smashed all around it. I figure that at least all of our ornaments wouldn’t be ruined at once. Leo also used to be quite the danger to the tree as well when he was small. I actually kept quite a few of the ornaments that he destroyed when he was younger just so I can prove to him that we did buy him as many ornaments as his sister. He just couldn’t keep his little hands off of them!

This year has been nice too because it doesn’t feel as cluttered as we now have a nice basement that we can display some of our festive decorations. One of my favorite things that we have is a vintage silver aluminum Christmas tree that belonged to my husband’s Nana. They bought it in the 1960s and he thinks that its was only used a few years and then stored away in the attic. I read that aluminum trees were all the rage in the late fifties and early sixties. By 1965 they were considered out of style. Some people attribute it to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” painting a negative picture of artificial trees. Who knew a cartoon could have so much influence? My husband and I both love old vintage items so about 5 years ago Nana told us that we could have the tree. We were shocked that it was in perfect condition and looked brand new. Every branch was carefully placed in it’s sleeve and all of the original packing instructions were there as well as the color wheel. It’s probably my favorite Christmas decoration second only to our little felt Advent calendar. That’s my favorite because my kids enjoyed it so much when they were very little. There was always a fight over who got to put baby Jesus in the manger on the 24th and it was decided that we would alternate years. Claire has outgrown this a bit this year as she told Leo he can now take over the Advent calendar duties.

These are a few of m favorite things! I hope you and your families make some great Christmas memories this year. Thank you to all of my friends, family, and clients who have made this a wonderful 2018!