East Prospect Housing Snapshot

For those unfamiliar with East Prospect, one might describe it as a small urban community although there is typical suburban housing on the outskirts. To my knowledge there’s no large industry within the borough. There’s a bank, a pizza shop or two, a coffee shop, a church among other small town amenities. The borough is surrounded by Lower Windsor Township, and is a part of the Eastern York School District Community. According to the tax records, home ages range from 1850 (15 N. Main Street) to new construction at the townhouses at Country View Court neighborhood (Riverview & Creekside Drives).

Aside from Country View Court, there are other notable communities/neighborhoods within East Prospect: 1) Riverview Estates, a community of 3-bedroom-plus multistory homes built around the year 2000, recently selling in the mid-$200k price point, AND 2) Maple Ridge, a mixed community also built around 2000 with semi-detached homes and detached homes.

Over the past year 22 East Prospect homes in the MLS have sold or are pending sale. This is a rate of one home selling every 16-17 days. Five East Prospect Homes are presently for sale. This represents 2.7 months worth of inventory which is often considered to be a Seller’s market. This is consistent with what we are seeing across the broader market.

The median sale price over the past year in East Prospect Borough was $147,250, following closely the median sale price of the Eastern York School District of $154,995.

If you live in the East Prospect area, and would like a market analysis based on the unique factors affecting values of your home, the Nathan Krotzer Team can help! Of those 22 transactions over the past year, we were a part of 3 of those, and we are no strangers to East Prospect.