Greetings to you all!

We have all endured more than our share of April Showers! I hope you all have not had any ill effects. It has raised havoc with many as water intrusion and water logged, on site septic systems are having issues all around. It has made for challenges getting properties to settlement. If we don’t soon get relief from this kind of rainfall our problems will continue into through the summer. At least temperatures are moderate. I haven’t put my A/C unit in my bedroom yet. Looks like I might be able to wait until June.

The saga of my 2005 Durango continues as my son-in-law is forced to spend some $ to get a new inspection. It seems a bit unfair that he is forced to fix the gas gauge because they can’t pass the emissions if the engine light comes on. It only comes on because the gauge doesn’t work. Not really a safety issue but our government powers decree this to be so. Still worth it for Jeff to have a 3rd vehicle for backup and, more importantly, can haul his bicycle to his rides. It remains a sharp looking machine, actually, better looking than my new ride. But I love my upgraded Durango! Getting 20+mpg using regular unleaded and lots of comfort. Looking forward to our ride to Rehoboth in a couple of weeks.

The Market

Rates now hover around 4.375% with no anticipated jumps up or down of major proportion. Economic markers remain strong in favor of continued growth. This kind of stability is so welcome as we strive to achieve our client’s goals. Buyers have less to worry about with rates but must be proactive in putting the best foot forward with offerings as competition remains ferocious. It is not uncommon to be competing with multiple offers. It occurs almost every time with most reasonably priced properties.

Prince and Princess Report

We are so fortunate to be able to have time with all our grandkids. With our kids work schedules we get to step in and “baby sit” them all. Of course with Claire and Leo it really isn’t really babysitting. We will have some time with them at Rehoboth, as they are old enough to take on that adventure with us.

Our investment in the swing set and trampoline was money well spent as our yard is like a playground when they all come to play. Best of all, they all love being together!

We have Rosie and Jimmy tomorrow for most of the day. They play fairly independently. Jimmy tends to want to play with whatever Rosie has so needs to be policed a bit. Rosie is OK with standing up for herself!

Ben and Annabelle have been able to spend time here, mostly Annabelle with sleepovers. As with Rosie and Jimmy, it is a real treat to have them spend the night. Ben is not quite ready for that experience. They are treated to “things” here that they don’t often do at home! That just assures they always want to come!

Home Front News

The kitchen project is scheduled for next Monday! We will spend the weekend boxing up dishes and what not. I will have to remove our current microwave and cabinet to prepare for the new cabinets. The front window is also going to be replaced. Looks like a lot of eating out next week!

We had a landscape guy rototill the old spot of the sweet gum tree and level it off. He also removed the two old stumps and graded the west side of the house and planted grass. That was over a week ago and no sign of grass yet.

We might have paid too much for the work but we should withhold judgment to see if the grass comes in.

That Fender Telecaster Acousticsonic should soon be available for a look see.

I can’t really make a decision without hands on.

Until next month!