Greetings to you All

Although vacation is over, we have lots of summer left to enjoy! The Outerbanks was wonderful! After 3 years of not going to this paradise, we returned with all our grandkids, two of our three children and spouses, for a glorious week. The weather was not so beach friendly for some of the time with cold temps and high winds but the water was very warm and we made the most of it. A trip to Ocracoke Island was made early in our stay, and we were met with a nicer day than predicted . It was a good decision as we avoided the crowds. No waiting for the Ferry ride both over and back. We were not allowed to swim on the beach there (one of the 10 best beaches in the US) due to the strong rip tides and under toe.
We had a great lunch at Howard’s Pub (another tradition of ours) and rode golf carts around the island, making stops at shops and just enjoying the time with each other and creating some new memories.

All the grand kids are in love with the ocean. It was a new experience for Rosie and Jimmy, both loved the beach and you couldn’t keep Rosie out of the water. We took turns taking her out to ride the waves. I am hopeful she is old enough to remember this fabulous experience.

Could have stood a couple of weeks of this place.

The Market

Although conditions have not changed much, I have personally observed a bit of a lull in activity. Maybe it is just me. The daily updates from the MLS always have more pending than new listings, so the inventory scarcity continues. Interest rates remain low and prices are rising. I expect the trend to continue. Are we experiencing a bubble? Probably, no telling when we will hit the end so if you own real estate as purely an investment, it is probably time to maximize your profits and sell in the near future, reinvest later.

Prince and Princess Report

We are having such fun as the weather has been conducive to hitting the pool. Claire, Leo, and Annie are proficient swimmers. Ben and Rosie are close to losing their float vests. Jimmy prefers to play outside the pool. We always have plenty for them all to do. Just added a “blow up” water slide and now have umbrellas and canopies for escape from the blistering sun. Sleep overs do continue, even Clair and Leo!
We will have Annie and Ben today for the afternoon. I don’t think the weather will give us much pool time. We have congregated at Austin’s for romps in the creek. We celebrated Jimmy’s 4th birthday and the creek was like bathwater!

Home Front News

I have, for years, suffered from a severe slice in driving my golf balls. I spent some time at the range yesterday, armed with some” how to” info from a google search and I think I have discovered my flaws. At least enough to keep my drives in the fairways. I am going to hit the range again today to see if I can be consistent . I am looking forward to confirming and getting out for another round of golf.

Although I mowed upon my return from vacation Sunday, I don’t think I will be mowing an all this week. The grass is so crunchy and brown, it really needs some rain.

Still no decision on the E Bike front. My wife is in no real hurry so until she gives the word I have abandoned my research on the matter. Way too hot to play with my family room speaker system as It requires to be up under the roof for much of the diagnosis of the issue(s)

I do have plans to prepare and paint at the front of the Team office. Just waiting on a decision of the color from Nathan and some cooler weather. Once the painting is complete, blue tooth speakers will be installed. It will give us the ability to play seasonal music..

Until next month,