Greetings to you all!

Summer is in full swing!

The pool pump issues have been resolved including the valve system. It is now an easy task to vacuum. We are always ready for grandkids to play in the water!

My A/C is on a continuous cycle for sleeping and I have

had the chance to walk the hill fairly regular. I told myself I would quit picking up golf balls as I walk but it is hard to resist when they are lying around like Easter eggs. So I have quite a few more in a bucket that I may never use.

With no official vacation left to clutter up the schedule, it feels weird to not have plans! I substitute in a 9 hole golf league most Tuesday evenings. It has been a lot of fun but my game is suffering from lack of practice. I need to get out for 18 holes and work on my game. I am hoping my back will take it but I have concerns. After nine holes I seem to have sciatica issues for a couple of days.

The Market

Surprisingly, rates have dropped again now around 4% or just under. Buyers who thought they missed out on the historic lows have not! Inventories remain low and competition remains stiff for buyers.

The economy remains strong so I am expecting current conditions to continue through the summer and fall.

Prince And Princess Report

As I prepare this tome we are preparing for the 2nd birthday of James Carlos. The weather looks good and it should be a great celebration with all aunts uncles and cousins. It is so much fun when all the grandkids are together, they enjoy being together and get so excited about the prospect!

The Rehoboth trip with Claire and Leo was a great success. As predicted, lots of arcade time and success in adding to the stuffed toy collection. Leo and I had many rounds of Mini golf. Other than the flat tire that occurred as we were departing it was a great time.

Looking forward to another venture with them in October back to Rehoboth.

Kudos to Nathan, Beth and especially Ben. Ben has mastered the potty. Ben will be turning 2 in a month, following in his Papa’s footsteps with early potty training.

Rosie remains her happy self and takes to the water just like her big cousin Annie. They spend a lot of time in the water. Jimmy has lost fear of the water and is enjoying it just like his sister. Annie may soon be ready to swim without the aid of her water wing vest. Rosie is learning the motions with her wings on and wants to emulate her big cousins. Claire is so good with the little ones. She is quite the help when we are all together.

More pool time to come!

Home Front News

Painting remains on the agenda but the high humidity may push that back until the fall. The garage door replacement remains on the list as well as wrapping the remaining windows to eliminate painting. I am not up to climbing up a ladder or scaffolding anymore. I did climb up to replace the downspout that blew off in the wind. I was successful, but I decided that if my number is up, it won’t be from falling off a ladder!

Just this week the grass has slowed it’s growth. I have four yards to mow and I will be skipping a week or so. The grass is starting to brown out some and cutting it when it isn’t really high can only hurt it. The grass at the office and my one neighbor is mostly weeds anyway and does look better cut but not bad enough to bother.

We just picked up a smoker from the discount corner at Sam’s. Martha took charge of assembling and setting up. She was able to fire it up to “season” it just before a storm blew in yesterday. On advice from her brother Dave, she is looking forward to experimenting with it.

Now I have to “clean up” our barbeque that has been giving us fits with burners that won’ fire up, or burn uneven. Not sure what the fix is!

Until next month,