Greetings to you all!

Hope you had a great summer! I had such an eventful September and it went by so quickly. I lost a week to a sinus infection and a week on Jury duty. The former had no redeeming effects but I did find my second stint on jury duty to be enlightening. This time around it was a criminal trial on murder. You, most likely, are familiar with the killing at a local bar some time ago. I was thankful to be impaneled right away Monday morning and didn’t have to set around doing nothing in the Jury Assembly room all week waiting for a nod. The evidence was overwhelming both physical and circumstantial that the decision was not long debated once the deliberations began, Guilty of 1st degree murder. Even though I thought the defense attorney was less than adequate, I don’t believe the best attorney had much of a chance to convince a jury of 3rd degree murder (the only other option other than innocent). The defendant was also guilty on counts of: Harassment, Ethnic intimidation, reckless endangerment and a “hit and run” That is the last time I will be called. Since I would not be called for, at least, 3 years, and they do not call anyone once they reach 70. I will be 70 in three years!

The Market

With good credit, rates are under 4% and money is readily available. I only wish more inventory was! Success was finally had for my long suffering clients who lost out with 12 excellent offers to finally meet success with their 13th! Competition is very stiff and I do not anticipate any changes in that regard for the foreseeable future.

Prince and Princess Report

Claire and Leo are growing up so fast! Claire has taken up volleyball and Leo continues to excel at soccer. We don’t get to see them so much anymore with their activities taking up more of their time. We did have the opportunity to watch Claire play in a volleyball tournament at the NOOK. A great joy to watch! I want to see Leo play soccer but the opportunity hasn’t come just yet.

We’ve had lots of babysitting with Ben, Annabelle, Jimmy and Rosie. Sometimes all together! They have great fun together. Rosie continues to fight going home when she cones to visit.

Our Columbus Day trip to Rehoboth with Claire and Leo is coming up in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to that. Bike riding is on the agenda, and, of course, hitting the arcades on the weekend.

I am already looking forward to the Holiday season that is almost upon us.

Home front News

Our new arrival (rescue dog) has settled in quite nicely. Jaynie is as spoiled as our grandchildren and probably as well behaved.

Uma is having a problem with leaving her when we go to Rehoboth. Janie will stay with Nathan at the office some and with Austin & Olga at his home. She will fare better than Uma during the trip!

My $97 grill is doing great! My steaks on the grill are again perfect!

Uma has re-landscaped the front of the house and has religiously watered. (I tore out all the old stuff) New grass is in nicely. I only wish I would have taken the time to re -seed the yard in several areas that need it badly. I might have had a great crop coming up for next season. It will have to wait for spring now.

Garage clean up is next on the agenda. I really have to get over throwing out things that I have kept thinking I will use. Lots of “things “ are in that category and I resolve to just pitch all of them. That way I can be sure I will end up needing them a week later!

Until next month,

Charles Lynn Krotzer