Greetings to you all!

As I pen this, we are experiencing the last warm day for, likely, months. I took advantage of the overcast weather yesterday to detail the car and ready it for the winter season. I am experimenting with a product called prodaxa which claims to provide show car shine and maximum protection. It looks pretty good. We will see how it stacks up over the brutal winter weather.

The defendant in the trial I participated as a juror last month has been sentenced to life without parole. Haven’t seen an appeal. Probably not likely. As much as I like the warm weather and dislike the cold, I am ready for the season change.

I was surprised to see Sirius/XM began Christmas music last Saturday. I usually don’t start listening until after Thanksgiving but, Thanksgiving is late this year so I may start listening a little early.

Caution to other Mac users, I updated to the 64 bit system and lost the function of my Word program. No update available. The fix is to purchase a “yearly” subscription for $70. I am currently working on a 30 day free trial but, I will have to pony up shortly.

It also rendered my forms program for my business useless, again, no fix available.

I have established a “repair ticket” so that when the fix is available, they will notify me. I am not holding my breath. In the mean time, I am using the online version through NAR which is ok but I have files in my system that I will have to reproduce unless I get a fix before I need them.

The Market
Rates are down with the fed rate being reduced so you can find rates back under 4% again! Inventories continue to be low and competition for good properties remains stiff. It is always better to be lucky than good. Timing is as important as anything, and that is a matter of luck!

Prince and Princess Report
Our Columbus Day adventure to Rehoboth with Claire and Leo was a great time! The time we can spend with them at this age is so limited that we really cherish this tradition. Annabelle will be included in the next adventure coming next June for a 3 day stint at the Boardwalk Plaza. Claire has always wanted to stay right on the beach so this will be a treat. Leo so loves the sand & water and was frolicking in the cold surf in October! I was watching from a safe distance. We didn’t have such great luck at the Arcades but, had a great time playing. We could have left the bikes at home as Leo’s bike is really too small for him to ride like we planned. With Annie along next time we won’t be biking.

We got to babysit with Rosie and Jimmy yesterday. So much fun as we were able to be outside. Jimmy is talking pretty clearly now and can tell you what he wants. They both play so nice, they aren’t looking to be entertained but entertain themselves. Jimmy does love to have books read to him. Unless Rosie is sick, she is so happy and bubbly. Just the look of joy on her face when we show up to get her is worth the trip!

Home Front News
Thanks to Locust Grove Home Improvements I won’t have to paint anymore window frames. Matt Noll wrapped them. He also installed a, much needed, rear storm door.
I have to save up to replace our garage door which is still the original (54 Years old). I probably won’t be able to get that done until the spring. I think it will get us through one more winter. I have the garage almost ready to house a car. Now that the weather is turning cold, I can hang the bikes and tidy up just a bit more to accommodate a vehicle. My wife says I should put the Durango in since it is the nicest vehicle.
There is still a lot of “stuff” to sort and, likely, throw out but, I can work on that over the next couple of weeks.

Until Next Month,