Greetings to you all!

Happy April fools day! Mother nature has the last laugh with snow for her joke of the day. It is entirely my fault as I had put my snow shovels away.

I am hoping it won’t amount to anything significant as I sit in my basement office preparing this “Inkspot”

for delivery this morning.

Easter was a fine day for our whole family as we celebrated it at our house with all the kids and grandkids. Nathan and Beth didn’t make it for the ham dinner but came later. Given the good weather the kids had a chance to go outside and play. Crazy Leo was running around climbing trees and bouncing on the trampoline all in his stocking feet, inflicting irreparable stain damage to his socks. They all want their shoes off most of the time and removing their shoes is the first thing they do when they walk in the door.

Any other X-File fans out there? Although I was severely disappointed in the first comeback and had high hopes for this last one that finished this past Wednesday. Another major disappointment! The first episode showed real promise yet until the last episode all the rest were poor imitations an originally great series. Not sequentially related to the first episode, poorly written and acted. Mailed in performances were so bad it seemed like a bad satire of the original. If you would have seen the first and last episodes you would have seen everything that was needed to inform you of this iconic series. I feel like I’ve been taken for a ride, not in a good way! I have to check to see if the original producer, Chris Carter was even involved. Too bad either way, really a stain on the once great series.

The Market

As anticipated, rates are up in the 4.625% range and rising. The market has not paid much attention to the rise as sales of existing homes has been steady, only held back by the continued lack of inventory. Should you be looking to buy or sell, it would appear a good time to join the fray!

Prince and Princess Report

Claire and Leo had a sleepover last Friday. Still fun as they like to play card games. We have to guard against Leo imbibing Dr. Pepper as it puts him bouncing off the walls. He constantly challenges me to chase him down to either tickle him or kiss him. He protests but begs me to do it!

I still get to babysit my jewel Rosie. We have established some routines as she is with me three days of the week. She continues to speak with words that are unintelligible but must be real to her as she will repeat them. She is adding to her real vocabulary and I expect soon to be vocalizing her desires. For now she just takes me by the hand and leads me to where she wants to go and/or points out what she wants.

Annabelle continues to delight with her engaging conversations as she is becoming a skilled bull crapper with quite the sense of humor. Both

Bennie and Leo continue to project endearing personalities. Poor Jimmy has been plagued with some severe eczema on his face which, for a while went undiagnosed. Finally got some special wash and crème and he looks and feels so much better.

Home front News

The Honey Do List grew a bit. We got a bargain price on a swing set (slide and Adventure tower included). Of course set up was not included, The kids are all excited about it and as soon as weather permits, that is job one! Along with the trampoline, our back yard will look like a playground. Just the way we want it..

Painting has yet to occur, I have to sort out what paint I have and really get busy. I am suffering from “old people syndrome”, if it ain’t broke why fix? The place is looking ratty and really need to take a more critical look at sprucing things up. Lots of little jobs: gluing a tread on the kids step stool, reinforcing handrail to the 2nd floor, raising the TV up about 4 inches, making a trip to the incinerator with “electronics” to dispose and probably a lot more I need to write down (if I don’t, it is too easy to ignore).

Didn’t join the golf league this season, I still want to play a lot but last year, the first month and a half was brutal with cold temps and rain, No fun at all! I plan to get out and even may invest in some quality clubs to finish out what time I have available that I can still play with a minimum of embarrassment, although by embarrassment threshold could change with my brain atrophy!

Until next month,

Charles Lynn Krotzer