Greetings to you all!

The world has changed so much since the last edition of the “Inkspot”! It would appear that much change is in the offing until the next edition.

I pray you are all safe and well as are all my family. We have hunkered down and have obeyed the directive to stay at home, making our way out for food and medicine. I have plenty to keep me busy (see home front news) but it is quite strange to have such a lack of sense of what to expect or when to expect life to get back to normal (or at least what will be the new normal). We are very lucky to be positioned that we will not be hungry or at risk of losing the roof over our heads. It is a strange time, and we must all pull together and help each other to get by. Another 30 days to see if we are over the hump.

The Market

The governor has decreed housing as a non-essential business so I am a bit hamstrung to move any business forward. We are able to move transactions in process forward to closing but we are totally restricted to not showing properties or listing. We are working on a process to work virtually with tours. If we can obtain a waiver to work, we can go back to taking listings, most things can be handled electronically. Homeland Security deems housing to be essential but, so far, the governor disagrees. I expect that when we can get back to a semblance of normalcy, we will be back to a booming market. The only concern is how many businesses survive the wait. Employment could become a lagging issue. We can only hope the stoppage is short lived.

Prince and Princess Report

The only contact we are having with all the grand kids is facetime. No sleep overs, no hugs or kisses. Really missing our play time together. This is the worst effect of the whole crisis for us, although it would be worse if any of us contracted the COVID-19! Poor Claire dreamed she gave us the virus and we died! Claire and Leo are keeping busy with some school type activity. They are so lucky they have each other to play with. Some of their friends are only children and it could be a lonely time. We are hoping for a warm sunny day to get together outside where we can maintain safe distances and still be together. Come on Sun!

Home Front News

We are making the most of the time at home to do some things that we have been putting off. So far we have competed the repainting of our dining room and have plans to tackle the living room next. My wife has always hated the furniture in there anyway so changing the colors just gives her the opportunity to get some new. I am hoping Austin can use it as he finishes his family room destroyed in the flood.

Although I have “stuff” to work around the house, It is great to have Frick’s Hardware in Columbia to depend on. They have it all. We called in an order and picked it up. That made it possible to complete our dining room as well have all the stuff we need to do the living room. I am even considering repainting the family room.

The feral cat issue continues. They appear to continue to be well fed and my yard continues to be their litterbox. I am so hoping we can trap them when the weather is good. They really have to go.

I will be putting the snow blower away this weekend and setting up the back patio for outside fun. I will also be having the first lawn mowing of the season.

Although I am officially a player in the golf league I played in last year, it remains to be seen when the season can start. I could really use that activity.

So much unknown! Stay busy, stay safe! Until next month,

Charlie Krotzer