Greetings to you all, wishing you a Happy Easter!

It looks like the pandemic is moving to our rearview mirror. My James Taylor concert has been rescheduled for August 16th, and I doubt James will be singing through a mask. I pray that normalcy can get a foothold before then! In the meantime, we can take reasonable precautions to protect the vulnerable and not assume it is over.

The Market

There appears no relief in sight for buyers competing for a home. The listing I had planned for the “coming soon” became pending so quickly! I had to activate the listing “early” due to the demand to show (it was supposed to be active today) and had over 30 showings in two days and 8 offers that were sorted through and the seller made their selection. Four of the eight wrote offers without inspections and had escalation clauses. I can’t say with any confidence that we can sustain the appraisal but I am at a loss to try to predict value in a market that comparables are not dispositive of value! I have not yet replaced “Coming Soon” with something else, I am going to finish “ Getting Personal” first and then send it out to all of you.

Interest rates have risen into the 3%+ range but has not dampened the buyer demand. I see little change in the immediate future as inventories continue to shrink, diligence and patience are a must for buyers as even an excellent offer is not a sure win in this environment.

Prince and Princess Report

We, long ago, dispensed with keeping our distance from our grand kids. We get to see all of them on a regular basis and even get the occasional sleepover. That continues. We make a concerted effort to have Jimmy and Rosie for a day each week and usually we can coax a visit with cousins Annie and Ben to join the fray for a visit. Since all are in close proximity, we can see them on a whim generally. An
Easter Bash is planned with all coming to Pampy and Uma’s . The outlook is good for weather and we are likely to have lots of outside time.(probably no water balloons) but Rosie always asks about going swimming! They are all well and growing so fast. Jimmy’s speech has greatly improved. I can understand him most of the time. Rosie can sometimes interpret. In spite of the school conditions, Leo and Claire continue to thrive even with the limited in school setting.

Home Front News

I have been doing a lot of small projects: replaced the defunct lighting in the rear yard, reorganized the garage. I can not only get a car in comfortably, I can find all my tools! New carpets placed in the family room, new carpet runner down the basement steps. I have designs on reconstructing the pad for my garbage cans. I would like to find a bin to store them but most I see are so overwhelming large and darn expensive. I would like to hide the cans as they are quite visible. Although the boro has dictated that I can’t have them in their present location, they haven’t enforced the ordinance. Those cans have been in that location since this home was built! I will have to get serious about making a change to the pad and getting a storage bin there, it would be a nice improvement. Haven’t got the room darkening blinds in the family room yet nor have I found a set of speakers to finish the surround.

Until next month,