Greetings to you all!

The Market

So far this summer has not been lazy but certainly crazy! It has been so busy with business, spare time was sparse. It isn’t going to stop any time soon as I am covering for Nathan on vacation and when he returns we lose our admin for a week. Many transactions in progress and likely more to come. It is early morning as I pen this tome and I must try to finish as I have to show our new listing which was activated yesterday and has 40+ showings set up. I took the last slot available first thing today. Two offers claim to be in the works so far and one on the way. It is CRAZY!. I have to check to see if we have any inventory that I can feature on the back page. I suppose it’s a good problem to have but the pressure to get buyers in to see properties before they are sold is great and the competition is now extraordinarily severe. Advice to buyers: make yourself the best, least risk candidate you can be to stand a chance of winning a bid. Bids over list price are commonplace and, even then, not always successful. I don’t see it let up any time soon. If the governor shuts us down again it will limit activity but we are prepared to go virtual. He could prevent inspections and appraisals which would delay pent up business but it seems less likely he will do so as our state has kept COVID down pretty well.

Prince and Princess Report

We have had a few sleepovers with Annie and we have Rosie and Jimmy a couple of times. It’s always a joy! Ben is quite attached to Mama and doesn’t want her out of sight. Not going to see another sleepover with Ben for a while. My angel, Claire, is now a teenager and spends less time at her boring grandparents house. Leo too has other opportunities to take up his time. They do come occasionally for a swim. It’s best when all are here for the pool. They really enjoy each other’s company. Claire and Leo are good with the little ones as they orchestrate play. Rosie has learned how to swim and is so proud. It’s hard to get her out of the water. Still honing her new found skill but she will be proficient soon enough, just like cousin Annie. Ben is a crazy man in the water. He has no fear as he dives, summersaults or just jumps into the water unabated. He will do it even without his water wings so we have to watch him closely. He will be swimming soon even though he is not yet 3!

Home Front News

New furniture for our newly painted living room has been ordered! It has been a long time since we have changed things around. Martha did the selection of all the decorating. It might not arrive until early October but we don’t use the room all that much so our current furniture is going to Austin’s newly renovated basement room. You may recall it was destroyed in the flood some time back. I helped him case a coupled of windows and install the trim moldings. He is putting the finishing touches on the drywall and we will soon be moving the furniture in.

I haven’t ordered that garage door yet but soon. I have been spending a lot of my “spare” time playing with my new love. I received a new guitar a couple of weeks ago and it is hard to put it down. Plays so easy and sounds so good with no amplification. It is a real pleasure to work on learning new songs and chord changes without destroying my fingers. The new guitar is not the Fender Acoustasonoic Telecaster that I talked about before. It is a ZAD900CE (Zager) acoustic. It is everything it is advertised to be. The only problem is I will have to take greater care of this instrument as it is all wood and subject to the hazards of heat/cold and dry conditions. Interestingly enough, it has made playing my other two guitars more enjoyable as well. I thought I would maybe sell my Composite Accoustic but I am still attached, so hard to break up.

Until next month,