Greetings to you All

With summer in full swing I am enjoying the Olympics. I think NBC’’s coverage stinks and is not helped by the time difference. I stayed up until 3am last night so I could see the final round of the golf live. It was quite interesting. I have been a lifelong fan of the Olympics, both summer and winter. It is strange to see such fantastic performances with no audience! Although I can enjoy almost all the events, I love the volleyball and the soccer. I am so rooting against the U.S. women. What a bunch of self- absorbed, narcissistic brats. Underserving of the privilege of representing the United States. So sad to see the Women’s Volleyball team lose their top scorer to injury. Hope they can recover and step up their game.

The fun continues!

The Market

Still competitive out there with inventories remaining low but I am sensing a bit of a slow down, maybe a trend to something more normal, but I don’t see any solid evidence of that in as much as conditions remain about the same.

Prince and Princess Report

Pool time is great with all the grandkids. Rosie and Ben are becoming adept swimmers. Jimmy likes to play around the pool, not so much in the pool. He often prefers to play in our basement playroom. Although Annie and Rosie are absolute fish in the water, they like to take a break and play in the “Barbie” room. Sleep overs continue. Claire spent the night last night. We went to the Pretzel Hut for our evening meal last night and it was crazy busy with people everywhere, no social distancing and no masks! It was a wonderful return to normal.

Home Front News

The weather has not been kind to the grass, so I have been putting more distance between mowing times. Concerned my mower was “out of kilter” I scheduled a maintenance pick up from Myers Equipment (where I purchased it) to have new blades installed and general service. They discovered I had bent the blade on one side and it was off by 3⁄4 of an inch. I know when it happened but didn’tknow the severity. I hit a root that stalled the engine a couple of weeks ago. It still cut but not too even! I began the paint job down at the office. All the windows and the exposed wood needs painting desperately. The front windows need a little touch up. I will be doing that sometime today along with installing the exterior blue tooth speakers that awaited paint completion. I still have more windows to do. A lot of scrapping and sanding to prepare. I don’t particularly like the preparation, but I like to do the actual painting.

A decision was made on the E- bike. We selected The Story Bike. The design is so like a regular bike, under 40 lbs. and a 55 mile range on a charge. 55 miles is way more than enough for our needs. I am anxious to try out the pedal assist. A good match for what we need. They are supposed to ship sometime in August, plenty of time to do some “break in” riding. Feeling a little sentimental over getting rid of the Schwinns.

My surround speaker system remedy for the family room will continue to wait for cooler weather, assuming I can fix it at all!

Until next month,