Getting Personal, by Charles Krotzer

Greetings to you all!

A warm Halloween evening is such a big tease as our temperatures are not going to be so kind much longer. Nathan and Martha are at the office, handing out toothbrushes in costume while I must finish here and get my “Inkspot” out!

This past Tuesday was a great day as the Tree Trimmerz arrived and spent the day removing 11 pine trees that have plagued my summer existence by dirtying up the pool. It was fascinating to watch with a big crane operating as the climber cut and sections were lowered to be chipped. It was also satisfying to know next summer’s pool work will be so much less! I was smiling all day! I’m smiling now!

The Market

A bit of a broken record as the market has remained very much the same for several months. Yes, the rates have crept up somewhat but remain around the 5% -5 1⁄2 % range. Although we have seen an expected seasonal slow up in activity, the inventories remain low and well priced homes are moving quite swiftly.

As I have repeated in several issues of the “Inkspot”, these trends I expect to continue. Last month’s “Do You Know Someone?” subject is under agreement and expected to settle on or before November 30th.

This market remains very good for a seller because of the lack of inventory but with the rates remaining at these low levels, housing is very affordable and buyers can take advantage while rates are so favorable.

Prince and Princess Report

We spent the latter part of last week at Rehoboth Delaware to enjoy the Sea Witch festivities. Princess Annabelle and Prince Benjamin joined us with their cousins Lincoln and Sydney. The weather was not suitable for bike riding as we had originally planned. The weather was uncharacteristically cold and rainy but we were prepared. The big disappointment: they canceled the trademark parade because of the weather. As it turned out, they could have easily had the parade as the weather was calm and just a bit misty. They made the call on Friday night for the Saturday event. So we were able to do some scouting, walking around town and planning for next year. The Kids still had the big trick or treat event up and down Rehoboth Avenue, picking up lots of treats from the businesses. We all had a great time! Rosie and Jimmy were a little young to take without mom and dad, maybe next year. Claire and Leo were tied up with soccer. Probably get to keep Rosie and Jimmy tomorrow for the day.

Home Front News

I am proud to announce that the rust on the Durango has been addressed! I spent an entire day knocking out the rust and patching. I was even able to get a top coat of lacquer on the spots. I am certain there will be more to appear in the spring but the vehicle is quite presentable. I also had the muffler replaced so it doesn’t sound like my Son-in Law’s Mustang! Now the transmission or engine is more likely to go. I am determined to run that car until it drops. Every month I can squeeze out of it saves me a car payment.

Just a little progress in the garage clean up but now that the Durango is “Done” I can put a lot of stuff away. I will admit that it will be easier to work at it with the cooler weather, not to mention I need to make room in the event there is snow. With one car in the garage we can get both off the street for the plowing. I am in the mode of getting rid of stuff. There is so much of bits and pieces of stuff that I will unlikely ever need. I am going to take the chance to throw out a lot of stuff and live with the probability that when I do, I will discover the need for it just after.

I am still enjoying both my guitars. My Ovation hangs out in the family room and my Composite Acoustic adorns my office. I can pick up either now for some quick practice. I do try to limit the “practice” to the times I am home alone.

You will not want to miss next issue: big change announcement!

Until next month,

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