Merry Christmas to you all!

Time to reflect on a year of tremendous change and turmoil: While the pandemic initially stalled our showings in person as our Governor all by himself decreed home ownership a non-essential commodity, we persisted in virtual showings and had a modicum of success during that trying period. Once the in person restriction was lifted (with precautions taken) we were back in business with ferocity! It turned out to be one of the most successful and productive years I have experienced in my 41 Years. I am so thankful to all my wonderful and loyal clients for their trust and business. Now with vaccines on the immediate horizon the outlook is so good for everybody and the prospects for the general economy are very good. Still, it is hard to see that the shutdown was effective (if at all) justifying the fallout of the many businesses that are no longer and the detrimental financial repercussions that have devastated businesses and personal households. Here is to hoping the many can recover quickly and be prosperous once more.

The Market

We continue to see a brisk market for buyers regardless of the “Holiday” season. Competition remains stiff. I have a buyer who has been writing very good offers and just lost out for the 3rd or 4th time (have lost count) so we have to get back at it again! Perhaps there is a slight slowing but I am not sure I can quantify it. Rates remain at record low levels with 30 year fixed rates below 3%. I am looking forward to another good year.

Prince and Princess Report

Visits have been many as I need no excuse to go to see them nor deny any opportunity for them to come to see me! Still having a few sleepovers. Even Ben is expressing his desire to do so!

Each year we purchase special ornaments for each of the grandkids, usually Polonaise or Christopher Radko. If we live long enough, and they don’t break them, they should have a nice set of really special ornaments for their own trees as they get older. That is a tradition we started with their mom and dads.

So looking forward to seeing them all together for Christmas at Austin and Olga’s house. We had a great time having them all with us at Thanksgiving at Aubri and Jeff’s, and no one reported us for having too many people gathered! I guess I am getting pretty old but it is enough to just have them around so I can watch them play and enjoy each other. We will have Jimmy and Rosie on Wednesday for the day so that will by my day off - at least until 4pm or so.

Home Front News

With the warmer weather gone the grass is not as clean cut as I would wish but I refuse to mow even though I would not have to bag. As I write this column I am enjoying my sound system as I put on James Taylor’s American Standard on the turntable. So far, a fun and easy tribute to some old standards. Along with the 180 gram disc I received a digital download and an “exclusive” limited photo print. Since I already have 3 images of James on the wall, that’s probably enough!

My office has become my fortress of solitude where, if nowhere else, I am the boss with no apologies for what I watch or listen to(no matter how loud). So nice.

It is now the time to start watching my favorite Christmas movies. I just got a copy of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I will be adding to my collection. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is my favorite but it’s hard to rank them as I love so many: A Christmas Carol(1951 with Alistair Sim), A Christmas Story (saw it first with my little girl Aubri at the movie theater), White Christmas, Christmas Vacation,

The Grinch who stole Christmas, and more!

Until next month,