Greetings to you all!

A very Merry Christmas to you all! It is hard to believe the year is about to close. The air feels like snow today so time to cozy up inside and being thankful to have family to cozy with!

Working on this today as I have to participate in continuing Ed or license renewal tomorrow. After tomorrow just one more 3.5 hr class on Dec. 16th and I will have completed. As a Realtor Emeritus, I no longer have to take the ethics but it was part of the classes I scheduled so I am “over educated”!

So busy with so much that is not Real Estate but so thankful for the support of all my client base, THANK YOU, You are the best! It has been a very successful year, personally and professionally. I am certainly wishing for all of you a Happy and prosperous New Year!

The Market

Maybe a slight slowing of the business. I still am in competition with every offer. Just lost another bid with a cash offer, large price escalation addendum and lost out to another cash offer that didn’t require inspections! We even limited the seller’s exposure by the buyer taking responsibility for any repair, or deficiency found, with the remedy costing $2000 or less. The seller took another cash offer that required no inspections. Buyers still need to do their best to be the least risk buyer to be successful in competitive bidding.

Prince and Princess Report

Annie and Rosie had a sleep over (girls night). Lots of fun! Ben and Jimmy had to postpone their turn for a couple of weeks due to illness. They spent their day with us today which entailed the obligatory trip to Target and to Jimmy Mack’s. They are so fun to watch. Ben is really like a, real life, cartoon character. He and Jimmy are best friends, the house is filled with laughter as they crack each other up. All were in attendance at Aubri’s Thanksgiving feast. Claire kind of takes charge of the little ones. She is so helpful and generous with her time. Ben and Jimmy asked specifically to watch TV in Pampy’s “Theater” room. Jimmy gets to watch a good bit of TV at home but not so much for Ben. They spent time watching “Clifford the Dog” and snacking down on Dorito’s and chips. Lots of crumbs to vac up! A small price to pay for the enjoyment, theirs and mine!

Home Front News

My E-bike finally arrived. I had a couple of days to ride the E-bike. It is like riding on the level most of the time if I utilized the pedal assist. The perfect bike for an old man. I rode from Wrightsville to Nathan’s house on Furnace Rd and it was truly an easy ride. But I won’t ride in the cold weather so the bikes are hanging up in the garage until warmer weather.

I do have room for a car in the garage now so it can snow. My snowblower awaits. It has become very difficult, physically, to do a lot of snow blowing so I regrettably, needed to relinquish the snow blowing for the neighbor across the street. Doing just mine is fairly easy and I no longer dread a big snow. Almost looking forward to it!

No big projects on the horizon. I need to clean out my closet, which probably is a big project. So many clothes that are older than any of my grandchildren. I have weeded out some of my shoes, also older than any of my grandchildren. Formal dress clothes are so seldom necessary anymore, I need to visit the Good Will bin. I will admit to being nostalgically attached to some of it but I will have to suck it up and clean house. Maybe a big snow will come and I will have something to look forward to!

Until next month,