Greetings to you all!

This month’s “Getting Personal” is going to appear on the Team blog site. You can find it on the Nathan Krotzer Team Facebook page.

Some of you may remember when our website was running, I posted all the columns there.

We are actively pursuing the production of a new website that I will be able to post there as well.

Although I use to be the guy on the cutting edge of the “new” stuff, Nathan is the man for all that and he is doing fabulously as he leads the team to such early success’s already this young year. I will keep you up to date on the progress.

We are still struggling with the functionality of our “new” MLS system. Many bugs have been addressed but we are still finding glitches as we are using the system to achieve our client’s real estate goals. I appreciate all of your patience as we work through the problems.

Looking forward to the Super Bowl? I will admit that I am going to watch in the hope that the Patriots can be defeated. It would be such a great story for the Eagles to lose so many starters to injury (including their star QB) and still pull off, what would be, a historic victory. Go Eagles!

Yes, I have lost all faith and confidence in my pathetic Dolphins to ever be a contender. I am not even thinking maybe next year. Maybe next year I will be a diehard Eagle fan.

The Market

We have seen slight increases in the interest rates but still looking at rates on conventional loans at 4.375% FHA rates at 4.125% and VA at 4.375% , without a long explanation, the APR on the VA rate is actually lower and the APR on the Conventional is even lower.

Inventories remain low and new listings are going under contract fairly quickly. My first choice for the listing on the back page was listed on the 29th and under contract on the 30th. Now that was somewhat unusual but that seems to be happening more frequently these days, the offer could not be refused, even though there were 3 more showings scheduled!

Princess and Prince Report

All my Prince’s and Princess’s have had to endure various illnesses. Poor Claire and Leo are just overcoming Strep and all the rest have been nursing ear infections and colds. All are in, what appears to be, final stages and are over the worst. We are thankful the the dreadful flu has not visited any of us.

I have the great blessing of keeping my sweet Rosy, two and a half days a week, while her mother is hard at work earning a nursing degree. She is no trouble, such a happy girl and learning her words. Not quite 2 yet, she has no trouble letting me know what she wants. She will take me by the hand and lead me to where she wants to go and point out what she wants. She knows where the cookies, Cheetos and M&M’s are (I have an M&M dispenser in my office). Of course I rarely say no but, yes is what Pampys are for. We spend a lot of time taking down and putting up the Valentines day decorations (vinyl appliques) on the dining room window. On a final display, she thought it quite funny to place them on my head instead. After her completion of her task she announces: Ta Dah! The fun continues.

Home Front News

For those of you who have been following, I have not gotten to the painting yet but the dishwasher that was languishing in the box is installed and working fine. I probably shouldn’t over exert to keep expectations low!

I have had to do battle with my TV situation. I purchased an inexpensive 4k disc player so I could play the 4k movies. I moved the existing player down to my treadmill so as to be able to see all my dvd’s & Blu-rays while I am getting my 5 miles in. The problem is: of the 3 HDMI chords I installed when I had the basement office ceiling open, 2 are non functional. Thankfully one is functional but I really needed 2 in order to be able to not have to switch the chord back and forth from my cable box and my player. Yes, I can run both from by receiver but 4k will not pass through my receiver. Well I found some wire mold to do a reasonable job getting another chord to the TV. I still need to raise the TV up about 4 inches to hide the wire completely. Although I have done it by myself before, it is really a two man job. I don’t have any 4k movies yet (too damn expensive) I will be ready when the prices drop. Blu–ray works well and I have a lot of movies to catch up on. Until next month. Charles Lynn Krotzer


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