Greetings to you all!

Feeling so lucky we are a third of the way through winter, and we have avoided major snow and major, extended low temperatures.

I must begin the dreaded gathering up all my “stuff” for my taxes. It might seem early, but I hate having it hang over me and once gathered, I can make the call to my accountant to do my returns. I am in a big adjustment stage with my expenses and income changing a good bit with my arrangement with RE/MAX PINNACLE and the Nathan Krotzer Team. I suspect I will be light in my contributions. I use to have a pretty good handle on the situation but so much has changed. Next year will be easier to calculate once I get through this filing.

This month’s “Inkspot” was a bit easier to navigate and produce as I have progressed in my learning this program. I still haven’t learned how to Wrap text around pictures so you won’t see any of that yet in this issue.

The Market
It is becoming a familiar, but good, story. Rates remain very low and expected to stay there for the foreseeable future. Of course, inventories remain low and well-priced properties are gone very quickly. As a buyer, when you see a property you like, he who hesitates is lost. It will slip away to a competitor. Stay diligent and persistent and success will follow.

Even though it is a seller’s market, if you overprice, you risk incurring “market age” and the stigma will hurt your chances of maximizing your price. “Market age” occurs fairly quickly in this market. Anything hanging around for more than a month garners suspicion. Buyers are well informed and will wonder what is wrong with the property, even though nothing may be wrong except the price.

Prince and Princess Report
No Royalty around as I write this, but a big test awaits this evening as Ben will have his first sleep over, ever. It may go fine as Princess Annabelle will be here as well. Ben has been such a “mama baby” that this could go south pretty quickly. I will report next month!

Leo and Claire are thriving in there public school experience. Leo continues to impress his teachers and was selected for a Math Bowl, some kind of competitive thing that select students are invited to participate. Claire has found her place with her fondness for volleyball. Although not as “big” asothers in her group she is gaining skills and, more important, having fun. We don’t see so much of them because they are involved as they should be, with friends and activities.

Rosie and Jimmy continue to delight just because they are just so happy and always excited to see us! We worry a bit for Jimmy who is traveling with Olga to the Dominican next week. An environment very unfamiliar and he is going to miss his daddy and maybe even his Uma and Pampy! He will be able to meet, for the first time, several relatives, and it will be a nice break for Olga who has been working so hard in her nursing. Upside is we will have more time with Rosie who really loves to come to our house.

Home Front News
I will wear my Miami Dolphins jersey proudly for the Super Bowl in honor of their defeat of the Patriots. It kept the Patriots from getting a bye in the first round of the playoffs and was no small part in assuring their demise. It has been a long time since I have been able to wear it without considerable embarrassment!

I would like to stud out and drywall the basement but my wife is against it. I will admit the basement is perfectly fit for use as it is, it just bugs me as I am replacing all the fluorescent lighting with recessed lights. They just are not going to be right with the makeshift ceiling we have now. Besides, I would just really like to do it!

Until next Month,