Getting Personal, February 2021

Greetings to you all!

The snow is falling as I pen this and I must say we had warnings. Since this snow will continue until sometime Tuesday, I am complacent to be playing around the house without feeling guilty. Snow blowing will not commence until, maybe Monday. I guess it is possible I may have to blow a couple of times. Oh well, for now I am cozy in my basement office/listening booth/screening room/fortress of solitude, rearranging things and tweaking my sound system for surround sound as well as maximizing the subwoofer base response. I tested it out on phono with The Eagles Hotel California so I could get it just right. My upstairs sound system has been graced with a new receiver as the old one was just not performing, some speaker outputs inoperative and the HDMI output not functioning. The upgrade was a very conservative purchase but affords enough outputs and inputs to take care of the rest of the system. The bonus is the HDMI output supports 4K. I added a wireless HDMI system so I don’t have to run any unsightly cables or figure out how to hide them. A nice change. I also obtained a “Adapter” to covert the audio/s-video from the VCR to an HDMI signal that I can send from the new receiver. Now the grandkids can watch the Disney movies and the other VHS cartoons we have. The bonus for me is the ability to watch a James Taylor video I haven’t seen for years!

The Market

We continue to be very busy and lamenting most every day the lack of inventory. Buyers must remain patient and diligent. Rates are at record lows, under 3%. I need to get serious about a refinance of my own! Sellers remain in the driver’s seat as buyers struggle to write their best offers to compete in this crazy marketplace.

Prince and Princess Report

We have not deprived ourselves of time with our grandkids, using caution when there is an illness but otherwise, we recognize few restrictions. With Olga’s work schedule we get to keep Rosie and Jimmy, at least, once a week. They are so good and play well together. Often Beth will bring Ben and Annie for a cousin fest! We are so lucky to be close to them that it makes it easy. Claire and Leo are toughing it out with the school thing, but it has been so erratic with some at home virtual and some in school. Periodically shut down and then sometime kids are getting quarantined until testing of a suspect that they have had contact with. Leo endured that last week, but a negative test set him free in time to enjoy the snow. My angel Claire continues to impress her teachers, she is so kind and thoughtful as well as intelligent and it has not gone unnoticed. I am hoping for a Claire/Leo sleep over. It has been a long time since that has happened, but we do get to see them every week.

Home Front News

Still loving the Ring Doorbell!

With all the projects we have undertaken, I have “found” my tools that were put hither and yon. I am keeping my most used ones in the back office rather than scrounging in the garage every time I need a screwdriver or plyers or what not.

I finished painting the basement playroom ceiling after tearing down the material that covered the exposed joists and subfloor. Two gallons of paint later it is done!

The old wood sucked it up like a sponge. It did brighten up the room. I took out all the fluorescent lighting and replaced with recessed LED’s. When I replace the current bulbs I have to get the “white Light” bulbs. I have 2200 lumen floods but the wife doesn’t like them. Still, they do give plenty of light.

I wanted to go out Toomey’s Auction but that has been postponed until next week!

Until Next Month,