January has come and gone so quickly, just like Covid in our family. All my family (including me) has had and recovered. The worst case was Nathan, but never really any jeopardy of needing hospitalization. I was vaccinated and boosted. My symptoms were like a cold that lasted about 5 days. The grand kids were “sick” for a couple of days, not much of an effect. We were very lucky. We continue to pray for one of my Rotary mates who has been hospitalized for about 4 weeks now and, although mildly improved, remains in serious condition. I am convinced that everybody is going to get some variation of this virus eventually. Those with comorbid conditions must take all precautions, the rest of us should get back to a less restrictive life.

The Market

Our government has lit the fuse of inflation with little hope of stemming this, out of control, nemesis. Rate hikes have been announced for March. Just the first of more hikes, one of the few actions that may help reduce the rise. Policy changes are certainly in order but there seems to be a lack of understanding since the current powers “in control” have stated that spending more money, we don’t have, will somehow help. Scary times ahead but, so far, little effect on our supply and demand issue. The listing on the back page was active on Saturday, already has at least 3 Offers that will be presented by the time you read this and most likely be under agreement. Rates have crept up to just over 4% which will affect the margins of affordablilty somewhat but not severe enough to have much effect on the demand side. National trending concerns: crime, inflation, border security, covid, foreign entanglement threats, leadership competence and supply chain, all are pushing consumer confidence levels down. All this, out of our individual control, is frustrating but no need to brace for Armageddon. Tend to our households, help each other and tough it out!

Prince and Princess Report

Enjoyed spending some time with Leo and Claire this past Saturday. Claire was helping Uma prepare our “Houseman” awards. Cookie trophies we are giving to some clients who were extraordinary in different ways. Claire is quite adept in her cooking, baking and decorating skills. Leo even had the time to grace us with his presence. We even had the chance to play some “Sorry” which Leo claimed victory. Probably good as he doesn’t take losing well. Rosie and Jimmy continue the weekly sleep overs, something we all look forward to. The big event is soon here: a new prince or princess is due this month. Ben and Annie are in want of a boy and a girl, respectively. I think it will be new princess. The big reveal Is coming soon. Nathan is running a pool for clients to guess the day and time. Closest to the actual day and time will win a gift certificate!

Home Front News

The garage is open in case of snow. Ceiling all painted in the “Man Cave/ Theater room”. I am still lamenting the loss of by beloved 3D TV. No longer in production so I had to replace with just a 4K set. I was conned into purchasing a Sony that was presented as a Qled and all the same features of a Samsung I was able to see at Best Buy but assured was equal and less money. I just had to pick it up at Lancaster store, so I did. In my excitement to install, I failed to really check it out. It was not a Qled TV and, in fact, not highly rated for picture quality. It was already out and ready to hang by the time I realized and checked the ratings. I tweaked the picture as best I could and have to live with it. Quite a let down from my great 3D Samsung. I can only hope it quits under warranty! Meanwhile, I have twenty-one 3D movies I to dispose of. Now that I am done crying, if you know anyone who can use them let me know, it includes “Avatar” which is really awesome in 3D. I will make them a real good deal!

Until Next month,