Greetings to you all!
I have been struggling with the new Word program to produce this for me. The new program just doesn’t work as easily so I am learning how to produce without it taking enormous sums of time! Spacing is different, still trying to find the means to wrap text around pictures just when I think I have something figured out, the whole thing collapses, and I have to “undo" and try again. This is probably the 6th or 7th iteration of this month's issue but I have learned some stuff.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all! I did receive notice that I am excused from my January 6th jury duty. No acknowledgement of a screwup but they won’t come looking for me on January 6th.

I still have to clean up the office but 2020 calendars are out, and I am ready to begin my “to do” list to set up the new year. Not New Year’s Resolutions, just a priority list of things I must accomplish.

The Market
2019 was a good year for real estate and my business in general. I expect 2020 to be, at least, as good. All economic indicators are in plus levels including expectations. The Feds have let the interest rates alone and appear to want to continue that trend. All we need for a spectacular year is some inventory! Rates are at historically low levels and even though we have seen prices increase, the net result is housing more affordable even though harder to find. As spring approaches I am hoping for some additional inventory. It is an unusual time for there to be a seller’smarket and yet housing to be so affordable!

Prince and Princess Report
As I write this the #2 Princess Annabelle is enjoying some Uma time. She left a voicemail message for Uma yesterday, letting her know she had permission to stay with us today, but not the whole day. We are in the habit of telling them all they can come to see us anytime.We are lucky they do.

Christmas was a joyous time with all our kids and grand kids accumulating at Austin and Olga’s for celebration and lots of food. The weather was so great the kids spent a lot of time outside as Austin built a fire, and they all played by the creek. Of course, our Janie was also there and took advantage of all the attention coming her way. She is so good with all the kids. She is also so spoiled! It’s what we do!

We had a great time at our annual trip to the The Turkey Hill Experience. It has been a tradition with Claire and Leo for about 5 or 6 years. Annie joined last year and Rosie joined us this year. We pick the day before Christmas Eve because it avoids the crowds. This year it was pretty crowded. Maybe something to do with Christmas coming on Wednesday. We still had a great time. Rosie, anticipating the trip, was telling everyone she was going for turkey and Ice cream. She is such a happy kid and quite the handful as she just takes off where ever and it took all of us to keep track of her! Claire and Leo really know the ropes and were a great help in making the day a big success. Of course, the last stop was at the gift shop to indulge, as well as Rosie and Annabelle picking up something for their missing brothers. Making some real good memories!

Home front News
Decorations have to come down, a little depressing but all are healthy and looking forward to another year. I have actually had the Durango in the garage! As snow approaches, I expect it will see more garage time. As we cone to the end of football season, I must say my disheveled Dolphins did me proud defeating the Patriots! Maybe hope for next year!

Until next month,