Getting Personal

Happy New year to you all!

So glad to bid farewell to a year of much horrible news for our world. We can all be hopeful for a new year that promises to bring a conquering vaccine and mark the end to fruitless economic shutdowns. I was one of the lucky professions, although encumbered for 3 months by the governor, 2020 was a good year for real estate.

I am hoping to get out to see many of you in my travels as weather and conditions permit, to see how you all are doing. I think everyone is tired of being so restricted in ability to socialize.

The Market

There are no indications that our market will be changing so significantly. Rates remain historically low along with housing inventory (unless you are in New York City) The meteoric rise in housing prices breeds suspicions of another housing “bubble” which, when over, could spell disaster for homeowners who would thereby be in negative equity. Although that concern has merit, I believe the economic surge we will experience this year will forestall an overnight burst, and we will have sufficient leavening of the market. For those inclined to worry about negative consequences of the election, RELAX, regardless of how you feel, we are strong enough to overcome what The Washington Post Elites will throw at us!

Prince and Princess Report

Newer recipients of the “Inkspot” are probably not up to speed on my constant bragging on my grandchildren! Your frame of reference is likely not one you can easily decipher who is who. In that light, I will so proudly clear up some of your confusion by offering up a clear picture so you can“Know” them! This month’s Do You Know Someone? Features all of them in a Christmas pic (taken on New Years) so you can put a beautiful face with the names. Our Christmas plans were scuttled by a false alarm of illness but we recovered by moving our family get together to New Years Day. It couldn’t have been a better celebration as we were all able to attend at Austin and Olga’s Place. Lots of room in their refurbished family room. Kids sharing joys and toys as they delighted in each other’s company. Plenty of hugs and kisses to start the new year off right!

Home Front News

Our kids gifted us with a “Ring” doorbell. It would have really come in handy this past year when someone backed into Martha’s Honda and decided not to let us know! The damage has been repaired and even though we have insurance, it still cost us the $250 deductible!

I intend to install it this afternoon. I also have to install some blue tooth, outside speakers at the office. The speakers have arrived but I need to wait for a day without rain. I need test them to make sure they work as advertised. I will probably do that today.

I did some binge watching this past week in my Fortress of Solitude. I have been savoring the last two seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” as I did not watch many of the last two season’s episodes. Iwanted to enjoy the last remnants of a great series’I have seen so many episode reruns that I know the dialogue and they are still hilarious! Season 11 is under my belt and I am into the last season just a few episodes. I haven’t really been looking at any of the “newer” series to discover something I like. Let me know if you have seen something you think is particularly good. I am looking for another diversion and it doesn’t have to be a comedy. I still have to catch up on 2 seasons of Black List, 3 seasons of NCIS and 2 seasons of Elementary. Still waiting for a bargain but none of it seems to go on sale, kind of like the last season of Downton Abby. I need that too! Don’t they have to besale priced sometime!?

Until next month,