Greetings to you all! And a Happy New Year! A mild start to our new year as I mull the invitation from Cool Creek to golf today. It is early on New Year’s Eve, and I am up early thinking about stuff I have to do. Preparing the “Inkspot” is first on my mind as I don’t want to interrupt New Year’s Day with any take aways from family celebration. I am not likely to golf as temperatures won’t hit 50 degrees until about 10am with no sun and foggy. I have gear to accommodate the cold but it’s going to be wet and I really hate cold, wet feet!

The Market

Looking forward in the new year I am expecting some changes that could affect the market. The Feds have promised an interest rate hike, (one of probably three), in an effort to stem the runaway inflation. Since the lack of inventory will continue, we are not likely to see housing prices come down. Government policies have been an impediment to real growth in the economy and citizens on fixed incomes are going to take a substantial hit to their finances. Mandates and restrictions have pushed some businesses to their survival limits. If the fear mongering on Covid persists, even more businesses will fail. Since we have more jobs available than people willing to fill them, I don’t see a downturn in the real estate market due to anyone not able to be employed and meet their financial obligations.There may be people whose affordability range changes but the demand for housing remains. The scare of a bubble burst is in the air. I have seen advertising for stated income loans which were a large share of the cause for the last market crash. I am hopeful that people are wise enough to stay within their means.

Prince and Princess Report

Sleep overs have been plentiful with Jimmy and Rosie as it works out well on a Monday night to ease the strain for Olga and Austin for their work schedules on Tuesdays. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to spend this time with them, bond and build some great memories. Of
course, Christmas was a blast with all congregating at Austin and Olga’s for celebration, food, present opening and fabulous cousin comradery. The kids have great affection for each other.
Their excitement at the prospect of getting together is heartwarming. Check out the back page for a visual and a primer on the growing clan of royalty. I write here about them and some out there are not familiar with the grand kids and my babblings about same. Ben often joins Jimmy on Tuesday mornings for a play date at Uma and Pampy’s. They play pretty will together but do have diverging interests. Jimmy would more likely, want to draw and color or do something crafty. Ben would likely plant himself in a theater seat and watch TV.

Home Front News
My wife has already taken up all the Christmas decorations and many await my hoisting them up over the garage to storage. I am likely to do that today and not wait for an announcement of snow or ice, and have to rush to make room in the garage for a car. I continue to “tinker” in my mancave (the grandkids call it the theater room) with rearranging stuff to suit me. Nothing
earthshaking, just digging out and displaying “stuff” that has not been in view for a long time. Pictures of grandkids now adorn my “trophy” wall and I have left a space for last Prince or Princess to join the group I have labeled “Charlie’s Angels”. I plan to repaint the ceiling of the “Theater” room. It is going to be a bit tedious with all the stuff around but it has needed it for a while and I may even get the time today, at least to start it. Since I have the paint and paraphernalia around I have no excuse to wait!

Until next month,