Getting Personal, July 2020

Greetings to you all!

The hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer are upon us! Kids come to the pool (it’s still cold water) and it is so much fun to just be outside. Our excursion to Rehoboth was a grand success. Two trips to Fin’s for great meals, plenty of arcade time for Leo and Claire and lots of miniature golf with Leo. Leo loves the beach and the water ( very cold) but the cold didn’t stop him. The wearing of masks on the boardwalk was mandatory and arbitrarily policed. No masks on the beach which was wall to wall people by Noon every day. We had very good weather and all told a very good but short vacation. I was able to spend some time at Gidget’s Gadgets and Extended Play, perusing through the Vinyl dollar bins and scoring quite a number of albums for my collection. Saw a lot of good albums but condition was so bad not worthy of purchase.

Now, back to work!

The Market

Just when you think it can’t get any crazier think again. The same story on inventory but things are coming on the market, they just don’t last long enough to see them if you don’t see them in the first or second day that they are listed. Competition is so severe offers of more than full price are losing out! I am kept busy just showing homes to all the Team’s buyers in an effort to stay on top of it for their sake. Rates remain at the 3% range and it is a fabulous time to be buying and selling but the process can be a gruelingly, nail biting experience. We have had great successes but it takes a lot of diligent eyes on the inventory.

Prince and Princess Report

You’ve already got the scoop on Claire and Leo’s excursion to Rehoboth. We will see them all today to celebrate Jimmy’s 3rd birthday. Rosie helped decorate the birthday cupcakes and Claire came early to help out with Jimmy and Rosie who spent the night with us as Austin needed to take Olga’s mother for eye surgery early this morning. I am looking forward to seeing Annie & Ben today as I haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks. It is a pool day and I have time today before 2pm to play and write this which will be posted late today.

Home Front News

My 42” Craftsman mower blew an engine, kind of a mixed blessing in that I was able to justify the purchase of a 46” Cub Cadet. It has made the lawn mowing an event to look forward too! So much easier to operate and a real tight turning radius.

Our original furnace was replaced (55years old) by Rich Hilt who made our job his last before retirement. He did a great job which included removing our air conditioning unit (almost never used) which was also old. Our hvac system and house was never designed for central air so it was not as effective as it should have been for constant use. Besides that my wife hates air conditioning! Now I have to fill in the spot and probably wait until September to plant any grass.

Next job is to hire a door company to replace the garage door, also original. I have patched it up over the years but it is really beyond that. Besides it is time to have an automatic door opener with an outside key pad. I am getting too old to keep yanking that old door up!

I am golfing tonight in the league. I don’t have great confidence on getting off the tee well as I haven’t had any time to work on my swing at the driving range so good luck to me!

Until next month,