Getting personal – June 2019

Greetings to you all!

Summer is here, so much to enjoy when it is not raining! Got the pool open early this year, but have pump issues, sucking air somewhere and not pushing out much water. Pool people are coming on Saturday to advise. Always had difficulty with the valves. Even replaced a couple of years ago and have the same problem, extremely difficult to open and close. I will be seeking a remedy to this as it makes vacuuming the pool arduous, not to mention the current lack of suction.

No pine trees to create cleaning issues!

I should mention to new readers, the pool is my neighbor’s, I am the pool boy. For my efforts we have pool privileges.

A/C is in the bedroom but only had it on once. For now, just running the fan.

Walked the hill for the first time yesterday, felt pretty good. I’m not really looking for any more golf balls along the way. I have more than I will ever use up. I did find 3, hard to resist picking them up!

The Market

Rates have dropped slightly down to 4.125%. Fierce competition in the buying world continues, as inventories remain low. Buyers are out their just waiting for a property to come available and must be ready to pounce immediately. Not scheduling a showing within

First couple of days of the appearance on the market, in many cases, eliminates even the opportunity to make an offer. It is already gone!

Prince and Princess Report

We will be heading to Rehoboth shortly with our two oldest, Claire and Leo. This is an event we all look forward to. It kind of replaces birthday and Christmas presents. Since they already have plenty of “stuff” this is a great way of spending time and creating some lifelong memories. No bike riding on this trip. Likely lots of miniature golf with Leo and plenty of arcade time! We may even get to the beach.

Annabelle lays claim to being the first one in the pool. They all love the water and even though unplanned, she really wanted to get in so it happened. She so wanted the bragging rights. Rosie so wants to get to the pool but scheduling has been a logistical problem right now with the timing. So looking forward to much time with then all at the pool this year as we are not taking the “family” vacation to the Outer Banks this year.

Ben is working on potty training. He will go if you put him on. You just have to do it frequently enough to avoid accidents. Jimmy not really starting quite yet.

Home Front News

The Kitchen is in! Many Thanks to Matt Noll (Locust Grove Home Renovations) for his excellent work. What a change! We decided to replace the backsplash while we were at it. It really set it all off. Having a place for all our kitchen stuff and a great new sink large enough for Ben or Jimmy to take a bath. Martha and I took off the wall paper and painted. I still have the woodwork to paint but, for the most part, we are finished.

Matt also replaced the front picture and side front windows as well as “wrapped” them. No more painting there!

Now I have to plan to replace the garage door. It is really nasty. I have patched and painted several times . It is the original door and has way outlived its useful life. Maybe before the summer is out.

The bikes are out, cleaned up, touched up and I have even replaced my saddle as the original was increasingly uncomfortable.

The garage is cleaned up with much “stuff” gone and the addition of the old kitchen base cabinets and counter top now serving for storage and work bench.

I now have a pretty good idea of the stuff I do have and, even better, I know where it is!

Still some sorting to do but it feels quite satisfying!

Until next month,

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