Greetings to you all!

The COVID-19 roller coaster continues but the ride is improving. I hope this finds you all well and finding ways to cope effectively with the cautionary social distancing and discovering some semblance of normalcy. We have begun to ease the quarantine restrictions on ourselves and have ventured out to other than essentials. Don’t know anyone who has COVID-19 but it is out there. We treated ourselves to some outside dining at Becky’s Kitchen, joined by brother- in-law Dave and wife Sherry. What a treat! We have even ventured out to Eastern Market. Other than the masks, it was pretty normal. If you have ventured out you have discovered that Lowes and Home Depot parking lots are jammed. In fact any establishment that has opened is enjoying much patronage. It took Wolf forever to go yellow for York County. The arbitrary picking of winners and losers in the COVID-19 lottery has been so frustrating. Here is hoping we go green soon.

The Market

Although the Nathan Krotzer Team was successful in placing 8 properties under agreement during the 2+ months of the inability to do “in person” services, we have finally been cut loose to do “in person” services. We are required to do virtual, online activities when possible. That means we can conduct property tours (limited to 3 people including the agent) and masks must be used. In some cases, gloves. It has opened our business up and it is fast and furious. We still suffer from extremely low inventories, but the rates are in the 3+% territory and competition for properties is severe. My schedule is filling up and after the forced lull in activity, we are super busy! Buyer interviews are still conducted in Zoom. That has been pretty effective when sending out pertinent docs in advance of the meeting. I expect the cautionary restrictions of masks, gloves, etc. to continue for the foresee able future. Back to Work!

Prince and Princess Report

We eased up the quarantine restrictions with the grand kids a couple of weeks ago. Hugs and kisses are in abundance and we had sleepovers with Claire and Leo and for the first time, and then Ben along with sister Annie. It was a great success! It has me feel that we are getting our lives back. Still longing for something other than take out. The pool is open and Annie and Ben were the first to partake. Way too cold for me! We are in store for lots of summer fun with the addition of a sprinkler hose attached to the top of the trampoline netting. The kids are having a ball with that on the hot days. We have a mini-holiday scheduled with Claire, Leo, and Annie for Rehoboth mid-month. Our original plan were postponed just slightly. This is the only “vacation” we are likely to have this year.

Home Front News

Just fiddling around the house with minor stuff, concrete steppingstones at patio exits and trash can access. I plan to bury the down spout and exit to the yard beyond the corner where we keep the trash cans. I didn’t pick up the stuff for that yet. Mostly digging and planting some more grass. We will need to have Locust Grove Home Renovations back this fall to replace 3 more windows. The garage window is falling out and the downstairs half bath window is in bad shape. The seal break in the spare bedroom window will need to be addressed. It looks like the shed doors and gables need new paint.

I have been golfing in the league but it is only 9 holes. We have only played the front 9 at The Four Seasons. I hope to get out Cool Creek for 18. At the very least, I need to hit the driving range to work on my slice!

Yea, back to work!

Until next month,