Greetings to you all!

We have come to the middle month of the year already and I am enjoying some of my vinyl collection as I write this on the Memorial Day Holiday. Preparing for the parade in Wrightsville: the RE/MAX Pinnacle Nathan Krotzer Team will be marching ahead of the parade to pass out American flags. Still trying to recover from the washed out weekend and the cold to, what promises to be, 70 degree temperatures to walk the parade route.

I guess this is kind of the start to summer, the pool is ready and four of the six grand kids have been in! Way too cold for me. It will be, at least a couple of weeks until the water is warm enough to entice me. We have stocked up on chlorine to assure a full season and just need some summer weather.

The Market

No real changes, still crazy after all these months! You will note the “Do You Know” property became active today. It is hard to put listings on page 10 because they are under agreement so quickly, no time to publish. Just be sure to prepare ahead if you are buying or selling. If selling, you need a place to go and if you are buying, have your pre-approval for financing (if you are not cash) and be at the ready to see listings immediately. Making you best effort first, you are unlikely to get a second bite at the apple. It is quite rare to have success even at a full price offer and conditioning an offer on inspections is the death knell in this market. Rates remain historically low but with government flooding the economy with so much printed money it is likely to effect a rise in rates. Given the scarcity of properties for sale, no downturn in activity is anticipated.

Prince and Princess Report

Sleepovers are still happening. Ben and Annie and Jimmy and Rosie still enjoy the spoiling time. We must enjoy it as much as we can, we won’t get that time back and must make memories while we have the chance. Before you know it, they are “too old” and have so much else to take up their attention. The pool is a good draw for seeing lots of them for the summer. We even get to see Claire and Leo at the pool. We are all excited for our “group” vacation to the Outer Banks this month. It had been a tradition for many years but fell by the wayside with the growing families and obligations. All grand kids will be there, only missing Aubri and Jeff. All the ladies have been preparing lists of everything to pack.
We will be staying ocean front with a no dune walk to the beach. The best thing about vacationing in June is you still have lots of summer left when you return!

Home Front News

My Cub Cadet is saving me so much time and effort in my mowing duties. The grass is growing slower now so I have given up bagging and I can zip through all four lawns. Even with trimming, I can get it all done in a little over an hour.

I have successfully installed two pulley ceiling mounts in the garage for the bike storage. I went on the cheap and the ones I bought, the lines can easily slip the pulleys but with a little care they work great and I no longer have to lift and hang those bikes (they seem to get heavier every year). We have explored the option for E- bike replacements. My wife has been awarded a purchase as a bonus from her team work. We have been researching the various makes and models. It is probably good we are not in a hurry, most are back ordered, some even until 2022.

I have vowed to get to bottom of my family room sound system problem. I have sound, but something is off. I need to check all the individual wiring and speaker performance. You would think it would be easy, but all the wires are fished and run over head. That means crawling around in the rafters, up and down and up and down checking each line and speaker in the summer heat! I need a partner and walkie talkies!

Until next month,