Greetings to you all!

A great start to the summer. Memorial Day was a picture perfect day. We opened the pool (the neighbor’s pool) early and it was clean, clear and cold for the holiday. I didn’t get in but all the grandkids, nieces and nephews did. A Picnic with lots of food and family fun, a kickoff for a summer of memory making.

I am a little stifled in my activity. Diagnosis: arthritis condition in my right hip and lower back. Inflammation is creating serious pain to walk. Hard to get into a position that doesn’t hurt, especially when trying to sleep. Steroids helped a little, initially, but not the solution. I will be getting a “guided” needle on June 9th. It can’t come soon enough. So, I will be limping around for a while. I can still swing a golf club so I will keep playing in the league. Although it doesn’t hurt to swing, I might be aggravating the condition, but walking seems to do the worst.

The Market

Interest rates are creeping up along with house prices. I have noticed a bit of a slowing down in the activity. It is still a competitive market for buyers with outbidding continuing to be prevalent. I expect a steady market through the summer. Concerns for the economy are warranted. Inflation is out of control and affecting everybody. It is sure to affect the plans for travel as gas prices continue to rise and make it a “real” decision to go anywhere!

Prince and Princess Report

Although I will miss having a regular night sleepover with Jimmy and Rosie as Austin has finished his school year. I hope we can still get them. Annie is lobbying for a sleepover with brother Ben and Jimmy and Rosie. That will be quite the barrel of monkeys. Annie still has school for another week so that will wait a bit. Austin’s whole family is leaving for the Dominican soon for couple of weeks and we will be heading out to the Outer Banks so we won’t be seeing Jimmy or Rosie for about three weeks. We are not use to being away from them for that kind of time. It will be a long three weeks! The Outer Banks trip will be with Nathan’s crew along with cousins and other family. It will be nice to spend time with the newest: Elisabeth. She was delightful at the Memorial Day get together. Not so much Mama’s baby. Lots of people got to hold her. Of course, she was the star! With a little coaxing, we could get some smiles. I am really looking forward to seeing her personality emerge. She is lucky to have an older brother and sister to show her the ropes! Brother Ben can’t keep from kissing her at every opportunity and she endures it without any fussing. Claire is starting her first job at a bagel shop right after her school year ends. I can’t wait for a report on how that goes. Leo continues with his weight lifting for football.

Home Front News

The grass is growing fast and furious. I can’t be waiting a week to mow because I gets too high and hard to bag. Because it is high, I need to bag! The Cub Cadet is performing well, and I think it the growing will soon slow down and make it easier to accommodate.

Bike riding has been on the back burner with weather and timing, but with the warm temps, opportunities should arise. It may have to replace my “walking the hill” as my hip condition may be a permanent impediment. I surely need the exercise

I will have to schedule time to finish the painting at the office. I am going to wait to see how this hip thing works out. I may have to start paying people to do “stuff”!

I have plans to build a couple of shelf units to put my movie collection in the “man cave” The wife has indicated, on more than one occasion, she would like the current shelves in the hallway to our porch to go away. I have calculated that I can move about 75% of my collection with my plan. Now all I have to do is get Lowes help to cut a couple of boards to my specs and I can do the rest myself Austin has my old chop saw, I may have to borrow back to do the job or make a trip to Harbor Freight!

Until Next time,