Getting Personal March 2018

7 - Charlie mugGreetings to you all!

This is the second month for this column to appear on our blog site. I have the first of each month for my contribution and this is it!

The Market

It is moving very fast out there! Rates have inched up and we are looking at rates in the 4.5+% range. If the bond market continues to slide down the rates will increase. I do not expect large jumps in the rate but I do expect small increments over the course of the next few months. It is not the kind of drastic change that would stop most buyers from moving forward, in fact it may well have the reverse effect and speed up their efforts to reach their real estate goals. Inventories remain low and properties are not staying on the market for long. Property values are on the rise as well. It doesn’t look like it pays to wait to buy.

Prince And Princess Report

We are so blessed with our six grandchildren. Of course they are all beautiful! I am making serious efforts to spend as much time as I can with all of them. We have booked another trip to Rehoboth on Columbus Day for a retreat with Claire and Leo. They have so much going on as they are getting older it is harder to get as much time to spend with them and they so enjoy the time we spend at Rehoboth. It is so nice to have that to look forward to.
My time with Rosie (my Jewel) is, thankfully, considerable with her mom in school. I am working with her to say words. She is capable and has even identified certain letters and her colors. Looking forward to all of us

getting together on Saturday for her 2nd birthday celebration. For me, being with Rosie it is so much like when I kept Claire every Wednesday when she was Rosie’s age. Little else can give as much joy as that time with any of them.
Leo was the hero of his basketball team as he made his first basket and stole the ball in the final seconds of the championship game to ice the win. Just like in the movies! I am looking to make more opportunity to spend time with Jimmy (of son Austin) he kind of gets short changed in the attention department as we try to see him amongst our hectic schedules.
This real estate business is interfering with my grand kid time!
For those of you who are new to this tome, Claire (my Angel) is the oldest, 10 going on 16, Leo is 8, they belong to daughter Aubri. Next in line is Annabelle (My Honey) Who was 3 this past October, Nathan’s oldest and a blonde beauty who, frighteningly, can carry on adult-like conversations. Her brother Ben is always smiling and his cousin Jimmy has learned the smiling charm. (Rosie and Jimmy are Son Austin’s) Bennie and Jimmy are less than a year old, born within 30 days of each other (6 & 7 months) Not quite old enough for sleepovers yet. Looking forward to more of that.

They all can get away with “stuff” at Uma and Pampy’s

Home Front News
The painting has begun
, my wife has started the task. She painted the 2nd floor hall ceiling and down the steps. The wall painting has been stalled due to her reluctance to

use the paint we have for it. Admittedly, it does smell bad, but it has always smelled bad. There might be some mold forming that I need to pick up an additive to remedy but we have plenty of paint for the walls in the hallway and the family room. I have yet to check for the woodwork paint. I may have to have some mixed. With the warmer weather, I am feeling more motivated. I even have positive thoughts about tackling the rust issues on the Durango. They are becoming more obvious which is just as well, that just means I have to be less perfect in their repair to achieve a great improvement!

I have begun watching my last season of NCIS (13) while I am on the treadmill. Season 14 can now be had for $25, down from $40, but I think if I can wait just a little longer, I can get it for $20.

I have the timing down perfectly to watch 2 episodes completely in the time of the 4.6 miles the treadmill program provides.
I have one more season of American Horror Story “Roanoke” to finish but I really needed a break from that stuff. No comfort to be had in there, interesting but graphic and disturbing at times and hard to time with my treadmill program. Even though this is the last season with Michael Weatherly on NCIS, the episodes are still inspiring and well written. I just can’t warm up to “Bishop”. No one could ever replace Ziva, but this character/actor, is just not

endearing, as much as they try to make that happen.

Until next month,

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