Greetings to you all!

The short month always catches me scrambling to catch up to unfinished business, like the “Inkspot”. With Nathan out of town a few days to attend the RE/MAX Convention in Vegas it has been especially hectic, but it has been a good month and particularly a good week, even with Nathan out of town. I am feeling particularly satisfied with a protracted negotiation that met with success for my client just last night!

Showings aplenty have kept me very busy. Just lucky that the weather has been cooperative and particularly mild, although as I write this it is 28 degrees and windy. I am looking forward to our business meeting on Monday to hear the latest "stuff" from the convention. No time to play with the Word program to increase my skill, but I can get by for now.

The Market

Rates are back under 4% again and it looks promising to remain there for a while. All bets are off for predictions on how our economy will weather the Coronavirus. I believe the scare will have some bad effects on the economy but I believe it will be temporary and we will remain in good stead. I guess panic buying for antiseptic “stuff” and Masks will create short supplies. The only people who need the masks are the people who are affected and perhaps the medical personel treating them. Just no accounting for crazy panic.

Of course, the inventories remain low and a persistent issue in preparing and presenting offers that stand the best chance of success. It would be best to act quickly, as a buyer, if you see a property that works for you. Time is not your friend!

These conditions are likely to continue as well. The upside is that with low rates, housing is super affordable!

Prince and Princess Report

Last month’s Ben sleepover was a bust as he got sick and the whole thing got postponed. I just had a chat with him yesterday and he is up for it! We had the pleasure of having Jimmy and Rosie yesterday. Jimmy and I had a nap as we sat in my Lazy Boy. I discovered in watching TheGoldbergs” that Beverley gifted Murray with new chair and it is MY CHAIR!

Clair and Leo are spending the rare night with us tonight, just for the fun of it. They will be joined by their Aunt Sue and cousin Ali, should be a good time. I will miss some time as I have showings and two buyer client interviews.

By the way, Jimmy’s trip to the Dominican was a great success! He fit right in with his cousins and had a lot of fun. I think the whole family is taking the trek sometime this summer.

Annabelle continues to perform dance recitals for us and if we are really lucky she will also sing for us. Ben has taken to performing with her. Can’t be more fun to watch.

Home Front News

We have a serious feral cat problem in our neighborhood. Two of our closest neighbors have been feeding them and they continue to multiply. I am not against cats, but I have a problem with them using my lawn for their litter box! Occasionally they tear open our garbage bags and spread it around. I understand that Wrightsville Boro has an arrangement that we can take them to the SPCA, and they will handle them at no charge. The problem is to get them trapped for transport. I have lost count on the number, but it is more than 10. I am open to suggestions on how to capture them.

My snow blower and shovels remain out in plain view, doing my part to keep snow away. Another week of warm temperatures is on the way! Although I would prefer to have a spring and not jump right into summer, I could live with that!

Until Next Month,