Greetings to you all!

Well a lazy Sunday and the rain continues to fall and I could take a nap, but I will finish the Inkspot first! This warmup in the weather is an encouraging sign for a early spring. Or maybe just a teaser before a backlash to the snow and cold. Either way I am primed for the crazy market that seems to get trickier to operate through for success. (more on that in The Market)

Safely ensconced in my “fortress of solitude” office I can finish this newsletter as I listen to some college basketball. I usually don’t have much interest in basketball, at least not until the “March Madness” national tournament. But lowly Butler is threatening to upset Villanova with quite a bit of time left in the 2nd half. I always root for the underdog. (that’s why I can continue to root for the Dolphins) Momentum is definitely with Butler with 11 minutes left (time out Villanova!)

The Market

Never have we seen a seller’s market so strong. Weak buyers need to set this one out! I am writing cash offers in excess of list price and not winning the bids. Buyers have been taking to not requesting any inspections in order to reduce the risk to the seller in an effort to secure a property. Inventory is so scarce, if you do not get out to see a new listing in the first day or two you are unlikely to see it at all because the showing slots fill up quickly and, butta bing, butta boom, under agreement! Rates have risen from below 3% to just above 3% and to someone who sold real estate when rates were 18% not much of a concern. For those who only have current market conditions as a reference, it fuels even a greater rush to purchase before the rates are higher.

Yes, we are on a bubble and it is anyone’s guess how long it will last. Just like trying to time the purchase and sale of stocks: it is a crap shoot!

Major changes in federal direction in many policies fuel concerns on many fronts. Making hay while the sun shines is all you can do.

Prince and Princess Report

We had a tradition, when Claire and Leo were little to take them out for breakfast. It was always a treat and we had so much fun. We re-in-acted that today with breakfast at the Square Mile Restaurant in Mountville. They were super busy! We had to wait to get seated (hopefully a good sign of things to come). Great food but such large portions. You would have to be a champion eater to eat everything. Still making some good memories with our first grandkids.

(Still up by 14)

Claire was wearing stylish jeans that, had we worn them back in the day, everyone would have felt sorry for us.

Home Front News

I thought I lost my family room TV which arbitrarily would shut off, finally would not turn on. I purchased a new one and upped the size (from a 43” to a 65”). As I took to recessing the electrical access, I discovered that the TV was fine, the connection was faulty. I now watch the 43” while I amon the treadmill. I will be obtaining some room darkening blinds for the family room, the glare in daylight is significantly affecting the picture in the family room.

Martha has contracted “Inches” to remedy our lawn service situation. Good news for me, It really bothered me that our yard went from real nice grass to a lot of weeds and bare spots. The big selling point was “natural” products. They do admit to using chemicals but the clincher was: they will call ahead before service so Martha knows when she can hang out the laundry!

Received my first vaccine dose last night, piece of cake, no bad after affects, just a little soreness on the arm. Butler just won by 12.

Until Next Month,