Greetings to you all!

A quite exciting February, welcoming a new princess, and still little snow. The groundhog must be confused. With the warm temps and lack of snow, if this is six weeks more winter, I can live with that! Still not good enough to go golfing but Cool Creek is open for business. I am not a cold weather golfer, but I will be tempted if my schedule allows, the temps are above 55 degrees and the sun is out (and the wind is not so bad). Looks like more of the world is getting on board with “back to normal” living. All the restrictions are not science based and the restrictions are becoming politically radioactive.

The Market

Inflation will be with us for a while and likely to be exacerbated by the crisis in Ukraine. Our energy independence has been eliminated by policy and Russia has the world at the mercy of their oil and gas. Hopefully Putin is not as mad as he seems at this moment and the, almost, universal support for Ukraine will rein in his ambitions. Meanwhile, the market remains dynamic with rates being bumped up a bit, having little effect, so far, on the demand. Inventory is still very low with now listings being snapped up within 2 or 3 days. I believe the market will remain strong for the rest of this year. All bets are off if Putin persists in his madness and his war becomes a wider field of battle. In that circumstance, anything is bound to happen with many unpredictable results. Putin has already experienced the result of poor prediction strategy. Not sure if he has a face saving strategy left. We should remain positive and resolute in our own resolve.

Prince and Princess Report

All the facebook friends already know about the arrival of the newest member of “Charlie’s Angels” and the last of the set. Elisabeth Michele Krotzer, Feb. 16th at 6:10 AM, 7 pounds, 7 ounces. She has bucked the trend with lots of long dark hair and looking different from her siblings but still beautiful! All are well! Check out the back page for proof. Sleepovers continue with Jimmy and Rosie. They are no trouble, we play games and were even able to be outside with the good weather. Ben and Jimmy have had a ball building tracks for some, battery operated cars and trucks. On their own the built quite a neighborhood. They surreptitiously built a track to my back office to surprise me with their fleet. I am hoping that Ben and Annie can have a sleepover soon. I would think, sometime soon, Beth could use a break!

Home Front News

Getting use to the new TV in the man cave. All tweaked out but I received an unexpected gift from Nathan: An Ambient lighting system to add to the visual experience. It is blue tooth operated from an app on my phone. It has a camera sensor over the middle of the television that sends to the controller, picture information that changes the ambient lighting according to the picture. Pretty neat. You can set the colors to your liking and even engage music effects although if you are seizure inclined, probably not a good option! It received the approval of Jimmy and Rosie as we watched Rosie’s “flavourite” movie: Disney’s "Robin Hood", we cuddled up enjoying pizza and chips. I still love gizmos, and Nathan is the gizmo king. I really enjoyed his company and expertise as we hooked the thing up together. The man cave just gets better and better. Almost enough to make me forget about the loss of my beloved 3D! Almost... Of course, Elisabeth’s picture has been added to the trophy wall! I have added a Tri Wizard Cup to my Harry Potter “shrine”. Itfits in fine, maybe a little over the top but what the hell, I like it.

Until next month,