Greetings to you all!

I hope you are all Staying safe and healthy!

All is well on our home front as we are becoming more resistant to the “stay at home” and work restrictions. I believe our governor is overplaying his authority by picking and choosing winners and losers in the business that can work lottery. Given the last directive and metric that he claims to be guided by, it may be quite some time before I will be allowed to do much business. In the mean time, we strive to do as much “virtual” business as we can. The team has been quite successful in placing 8 properties under agreement since the restrictions have been put in place, all by virtual tours and electronic signatures on paperwork. It remains difficult, in most circumstances, to conduct business. In as much as the state controls my license, I am forced to comply with the current prohibitions as irrational and arbitrary as they may be. I am more concerned for all those who are also forced to comply and yet have depended on that paycheck to paycheck survival. If this continues much longer I fear mass civil disobedience or worse. Hopefully by next issue we will have some good news on the COVID-19 front and we can move towards something more “normal”.

The Market

As you could guess, we have even less inventory and we are still selling “virtually”. Surprisingly, still being in competition when making offers! For those who are willing to move forward in this market there may be some advantages given the limitations that we have to deal with. I am to predicting that we will have a strong year until it is all said and done because for many this is a temporary problem that only delays decisions. The demand for housing remains strong and there will be a surge when we can get back to business more normally.

Prince and Princess Report

We have made it a point to visit the grandkids even though hugs and kisses are restricted. Lately I have ignored the hugs restriction without harsh recriminations. Leo came to the house to help me replace the stone fringe around our back patio. It was fun just to have him around! Of course, no sleepovers. Ben visited this morning and we bought a new riding toy to replace a broken one that he got try out. He was quite thrilled. He got permission to take it to the beach house. That should put it to good use!

Both Annie and Ben continue to produce artwork which I can proudly display. I still have a folder of “artwork” that dates back to when Austin and Nathan were little. Jimmy and Rosie are living the dream with Austin being at home with them. Although he does have to spend time with his on line lessons, the kids are the beneficiaries of the time he can now spend at home, especially since Olga is working. They have been enjoying the arrival of 2 baby squirrels who Austin has been nursing as they were too young to be without their mother. They are all over him and the kids, tame as you could not imagine, and Rosie adores them. First thing she does in the morning is go to visit her squirrels.

Home Front News

Living room is painted and the changing of the stone apron around our rear porch has been completed. Martha has almost finished painting the spare bedroom and I will have to get to the stairwell and hallway. I am thinking of repainting the family room. Maybe I will be lucky and the Covid prohibitions will end before I pony up! Filled some holes in the yard and planted some grass which is, currently, getting lots of water.

My League golf starts on Tuesday! Woo Hoo! I can’t wait, finally something normal and fun.


Until next month,

Charles Krotzer