Greetings to you all!

The Market

Little change in the market. New listings continue to go under agreement in a few days (some in hours). It seems a bit of a trend for success is offers which require no inspections. Not something I would normally recommend but I have had clients lose out to such offers. Buyers need to seek ways to add value and reduce risk to the seller. Any way that can be accomplished within acceptable risk is the strategy needed to increase the chances of having a successful bid. It is rare to be bidding and have no competition! Sellers who are downsizing or moving to a retirement situation are in a great position to maximize their equity. Prices continue to rise with the competition and with the cost of new construction rapidly rising, existing homes will continue to rise in price.

RE/MAX Pinnacle, The Nathan Krotzer Team, is on track to have a record year. We will exceed 100 transactions, by how much is yet to be determined. Next year could be a repeat as the market conditions continue to favor us with low interest rates and a healthy demand for housing in all price ranges.

Prince and Princess Report

We had an unexpected sleep over with Rosie just last night as brother Jimmy fell victim to an injury (not serious) that did require some outside medical attention. He learned, firsthand, about monkeys jumping on a bed!

Annabelle’s 6th birthday party at Sam Lewis Park was a big success. Replete with some school friends, all her cousins and family. All the kids (and some grownups) enjoyed a cool fall day climbing on all the rocks and making some of the parents and grandparents nervous (the rock formations are pretty high up). No injuries, many good memories were made.

Leo continues success with his soccer. Their team won their tournament yesterday. I only wish we could see him play. The spectators and limited due to the concerns with COVID.

Claire is a great overseer of her cousins. She directs and participates in their play. She and Leo both have become terrific role models and heroes to their younger cousins.

Ben is such a daredevil and Papa has to keep a close eye on his antics, Ben will try anything! Jimmy is much reserved usually finds himself on the periphery of the activity when they all get together and play, wanting to be a part but not so close to the action. Of course, Ben is the action! So too, Rosie will not miss out on any of the fun. It is so good to have the chance to spend time together playing at Uma and Pampy’s.

Home Front News

I just completed the last mowing of the season yesterday. Power washed the grime off the Cub Cadet and put it away. The snow blower is still in the shed but as soon as we re arrange the patio stuff for winter it will reside there. Five milk crates of golf balls also reside there from out of the shed. They can take the weather! The golf clubs are now housed in the “remodeled” back office. Much re-arranging and the cleaning out of the garage and the storage overhead. It felt really liberating to throw out so much stuff. The rule was: if it was not likely I would use it again, it went out for the trash. Finally, we have replaced our 55 year old garage door which needed replaced for, at least 35 years. The auto opener is a back saver.

Finishing touches were made to the basement office. Sound system up and running and I can play it anytime as it cannot be heard so as to bother my wife! It was so fun to watch “The Return of the Jedi” in 3d with the sub- woofer shaking the house! The office now doubles as a theater screening room. Yeah, I can play the guitar too without bothering anyone!

Liberating. Until next month,