Greetings to you all!

Completing the “Inkspot” on a Sunday morning. This is prep day for my colonoscopy, and I want to get this out before I begin the preparations. As those of you who have partaken of such an event, you know the prep is so much worse than the procedure! Just routine, nothing prompted the procedure. It will be all over by noon on Monday.

The Market

I am still waiting for the cooling off of the market. Many believed we would see a slowing but it appears not to be the case for us. Still competing with every offer we write and can’t build inventory. Every listing is under contract in a matter of days. That said, then you know why the “Do you know Someone” feature is replaced with another article.

I do expect somewhat of a slow down with all the holidays approaching, but maybe not! Rates remain low and demand is still high. Continued bad economic news will eventually have a cooling effect so it’s possible rates could significantly rise and consumer confidence fall. We just have to hope for the economy to expand and not contract. Inflation and supply chain woes appear to go unabated. I just wish someone in Washington knew what they were doing, we, in the real world, have to suffer the consequences of their bad judgement.

Prince and Princess Report

The Columbus Day adventure to Rehoboth was a great success. Although less than ideal weather, we didn’t receive all the rain that was predicted. Leo and Rosie even spent some time in the ocean! Way too cold for me so I just monitored from the safety of the beach. Of course, several hours at the Arcades with Leo and Claire being the “old pros” helping Annie and Rosie become rabid fans of the experience. Our accommodations were very nice with room to spare and a location that was walking distance to the Boardwalk and all the shops. Leo has yet to best me at miniature golf but probably by next year he will master enough skills to beat me. As Jimmy and Ben get a little older, I hope we will be able to share the same experience with them. It will be a real challenge to have them all at once, but I would like to try to work out the logistics. Claire and Leo may “outgrow” the tradition, but they are old enough to be a big help with the little ones and have so much experience to share!

Leo finished his football season with a great game. He caught a pass for a two point conversion in their final game. A great way to end his season and the impetus for his continued success as he will continue his weight training to ready for his next year.

Home Front News

Sanding and painting at the office are likely done until spring. The two major sets of windows are all complete. I may have even mowed all my lawns for the last time this year! Definitely done bagging as the last lawn waste pickup is tomorrow. The Theater sofa has arrived! It is quite grand! the Grandkids are enamored with the power recliners. Rosie and I haven’t had the chance to watch her “flavorite” movie with popcorn yet, but I am sure that is coming!

Martha’s e-bike has arrived. Little effort was needed to put together. It is very nice. Mine has yet to arrive and based on the last email form the Story Bike people, it may come sometime in November. I am not likely to have much weather to ride in by the time it arrives. I did order a bike helmet that is due to arrive sometime next week. I am not a big fan of wearing a helmet. I ordered a “Thousand” brand helmet that doesn’t look so Geeky (If that’s possible)

Probably time to clean up the garage, put the golf clubs away and get out the snowblower from the shed. Many of you know I am not a fan of the cold and the snow, but I have a really cool “theater “room to spend some cozy time with my grandkids, movies and my guitar!

Until next month,