Getting Personal

Greetings to you all!

The Market

Still crazy after all these months! Rates remain historically low and buyers are plentiful, not so much the inventory. In my 41 years in the business I have never seen it like this. It is a very stressful (and sometimes disappointing) time for buyers. It is next to impossible to have success if a buyer needs closing cost assistance. Even an FHA offer without asking for closing cost help can be turned away. Offers, even in excess of list price, can be unsuccessful! Advising buyers in this environment, I can only suggest writing the best value with the least risk to the seller and move ahead. Don’t get discouraged and keep trying, The Nathan Krotzer Team will persist on your behalf!

Sellers: If you don’t have an offer within a week on the market, something is amiss. Time to reevaluate.

Prince and Princess Report

Even though work has kept us so busy, we have had time to spend with grand kids. We even had success with a Ben sleep over! All went great with no fussing for mama. It probably helped that Annie slept over as well. We visit Rosie and Jimmy 2 or three times a week but try to keep them for the day at least once a week. That goes so well. They play so well together and they all are such a pleasure to watch play when the are all together. Leo is such a hero too Ben and Jimmy. Ben is ready to try ANYTHING! Jimmy is more standoffish but hangs close enough to be part of the fun.

Now that school has started we have seen less of Leo and Claire. I must make it a point to just take an evening to go see them. The demands of the business has made that difficult. Pool days are over but the kids still want to come to play at Uma and Pampy’s. The playroom we have for them had a bit of a makeover with shelving to accommodate the numerous toys and such that can now be readily found (and hopefully put away). Still the room has become pretty crowded. As long as we have their table and some Play- Doh, the world is right.

Home Front News

Now that the COVID crisis had spurred so much repainting and freshening up our vacant living room now has furniture! All my wife’s deal and it looks great. Still awaiting some end tables and some lamps but now a comfortable place to be.

Although my guitars are close to me as I work in my home office, not so much time for playing. The office is, just now, receiving a makeover. It has needed a new floor installed since we bought the place. Always a makeshift “stick on tile” floor has sufficed but I tired of it and went to work removing all the old tile. It was like breaking rocks! The worst was working around all the furniture to remove, then install the new floor. It has a light color, grayish (Hickory Sea salt) vinyl/laminate floor. Tedious work but very satisfying to have a decent floor. The whole front and back office has a new paint job (same colors as the living room and dining room). All the production awards are off the walls and various memorabilia now adorn the walls. I cut out the old counter to make way for much needed shelving units, and re-wired for the lights and receptacles in the back office. The best was sorting through (still sorting) all the obsolete “stuff” and getting rid of it. As I write this there are two boxes of award plaques, 38 of them, awaiting the Friday garbage pickup. A few have sentimental value but no real significance anymore and just taking up space. A few more touches and some additions and my home office is going to be the place for me to hang out. Time for healing my sore hands and more guitar!

Until next month,