Greetings to you all!

The month spun by with such speed, filled with some golf and good times. The air conditioner is out of my bedroom window and closing up the pool, watching lots of football, college and pros. Life is good!

The Market

No huge changes to our market. We just settled a home for a client who worked with me for almost 3 years to find success. Her patience and persistence had a pay off as the home she secured was, all but, perfect! A big shout out to Wendy Landis of McLean Mortgage for her “beyond expectations” service was instrumental in our success. THANK YOU WENDY!

The market? Well, we just made an offer on a property that was exposed just a couple of days. Six offers besides ours, we were not successful. It is a common occurrence still. Rates remain low along with inventories. Properties go under agreement so quickly, I can’t get them on my “Do You Know Someone” feature, But check out the feature!

Prince and Princess Report

Lots of quality time with all the kids. Some extra time with Jimmy and Rosie, as we have the opportunity to take them both to school in the mornings and keep them more often depending on Olga’s work schedule. It is a great time to make some long- lasting memories. On occasion, Annie and Ben can join the fun. They play great together and keep each other entertained. Our annual Columbus Day long weekend at Rehoboth was stymied with the pandemic last year but we are on track for this year. Not only do we have Claire and Leo, we have Annie and Rosie as well! Hoping for good weather as we are looking forward to arcade fun, miniature golf, junk food, shopping and, depending on the weather, the beach. The kids are so excited, anticipation is a large part of the fun. I should mention Leo is deep into football training and playing. Although he was hesitant to be playing with the older kids, they have been great, taking him under their wings and treating him as one of their own! He is doing well and even though smaller than the rest, he can run and catch a football! Football has definitely supplanted soccer.

Home Front News

When I finish this column, I am poised to finish the scrapping and sanding on the last big window set at the office.

Temperatures are down so it is not so hot to be working the heat gun and sanding. About 3⁄4 of the way done on this set but it is difficult to reach and work on. I think I will still have time to complete the rest of the work before weather prohibits.

I await the delivery of a theater sofa to complete the man cave. It, supposedly, was “shipped” over a week ago but it could be in a shipping container off the coast of California, along with our e-bikes!

Rosie has plans to watch her “flavourite” movie with me while we eat popcorn. Right now her “flavourite” movie is Disney’s Robinhood. So, of course, we secured our copy for the occasion, hopefully soon.

With all the rearranging in the office I have left the garage become a little messy. My next project will be to clean up and consolidate space so I can get a car in out of the coming winter weather. I expect I will need to park our Schwinn’s behind out shed and tarp them to make way for the e-bikes (should they ever come). One good thing about all the rearranging, I know where all my stuff and tools are because I had to find them to do all the work! They all are back in their place for the most part. Just a little more organization to prep for winter.

Until next month,