GETTING PERSONAL, September 2019

Greetings to you all!

Happy Labor day! Summer is not officially over but you can see the end from here. Trying to make the most of the remaining time and celebrate the last days.

The Nathan Krotzer Team

is sponsoring the “Bug Man” for the 4th Friday event in Wrightsville September 27. Come and bring all kids and kids at heart to enjoy the food vendors, Half Nuts Popcorn and live music from 5:30 to 7:30. All kinds of “bugs” on display and a curator to explain all the “stuff” from spiders to butterflys.

Some of you took part in the RE/MAX BALLOON August event. Thanks to you all who participated, Even though we got a late start because of the wind conditions, everyone got the ride they came for and we had so much fun enjoying socializing with all the company! We will look to repeat the Balloon event next year at a time we have less likelihood of bad conditions.

The Market

As the Federal Reserve has dropped some basis points on the cost of money, so have we seen a lowering of rates back down under the 4% mark. Although there is a steady demand for mortgage money the rate seems fairly stable and money is readily available. The trend of low inventory and high demand continues.

When making offers on property you must bring your “A” game, anything less is a waste of time. People are making more than full price offers and getting beat by competition!

Looking to sell? You need your subsequent plan ready because it will happen swiftly.

Prince and Princess Report

We have made the most of the hot summer by spending lots of time with all the grand kids at the pool. Rosie will be ready next season to shed her water wings. She is so at home in the water with no fear. Jimmy is not so fearless. He will get in if coaxed but remains content to play around the pool, dabbling on the steps and throwing water toys in the pool. Cousin Ben is like Rosie, no fear as he runs and jumps in unaccompanied (with his water vest on) and can’t wait to get back out to do it again. Ben idolizes his big cousin Leo. He will follow him and do as much as he can to imitate. We picked up several squirt guns that were the hit this year as young and old alike took turns blasting each other.

Sleepovers continue, Claire, Leo and Annabelle partake mostly. Ben is quite a mama boy who would not fair well at this time. Jimmy and Rosie do well but haven’t done it recently. It is not like they don’t enjoy it at Uma and Pampy’s. Rosie does everything she can to not go home when it is time.

For the unfamiliar: Claire is now 12, Leo is 10 and they started their first year in Public school this year.

Annabelle will be 5 in October, Rosie will be 4 next March and Ben and Jimmy are just 2.

So much fun ahead!

Home Front News

I am getting use to dog hair everywhere. Purchased a Roomba to help out but hair shows up everywhere all the time. The dog hasn’t been in my car but you will find her hair there! I keep a lint roller handy as Janie likes to jump into my lap frequently for attention (and she gets it).

Picked up the $97 grill at Wall Mart. Martha’s smoker proved to be too much trouble so she sold it (we broke even).

All the Zinnias, Mugo Pines, and (I don’t know what they were) shrubs are gone in favor of some new stuff that requires no real maintenance as we attempt to grow more grass in the effected areas. Zinnias will make their appearance next year.

September is a good month to grow grass if you keep it watered sufficiently. Our last batch of grass cover hasn’t faired so well so we will try to beef that up as well.


Until next time,

Charles Lynn Krotzer