GETTING PERSONAL - September 2020

Greetings to you all!

The Market

The crazy continues! The low interest rates (sometimes under 3%) and low inventories in all price ranges has fueled an unprecedented seller’s market with no end in sight. Perhaps the start of school will slow things down a bit but, so far, no sign yet. As I strive to give both buyers and sellers good guidance, it has become difficult to do so with the competition pushing prices beyond what we would consider normal comparables. I have sought the advice of appraiser Steve Brown to discover how to price property in this atmosphere. At least for appraisers, he suggested providing copies of the multiple offers on properties that are under agreement to bolster the evidence of the public’s ardor for any particular property. It is the public that makes value. I continue to strive to guide buyers and prepare them for the challenge but even a great offer can be beat. It has happened to me twice just this past weekend! As for advice for sellers, follow the comps and expect offers in excess, crazy!

As you may imagine, our team is extremely busy. We will be adding another staff and by the middle of the month another agent. I am glad Nathan is running the office, the speed

business is moving and growing needs his tech savy and ability to perform under pressure he has always had that in spades. I couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments in the business. Our team process has allowed us to provide better and better service to our clients and to react quickly. To wait a day can easily cost a buyer an opportunity to even make an offer on a property.

Prince and Princess Report

The worst part of the Summer being over is missing all the fun having all the kids and grandkids frolicking and enjoying each other in and around the pool. Not much can compare to that. Ben says he is ready for a sleepover! I will have to see it to believe it. He wants to know his mama is close. We will see. Leo has started soccer. School is a hybrid for Claire & Leo with a couple of in school days and the rest online.

I am hopeful we still have a few pool days left. Rosie is like Annie in that she loves to be in the water. Doesn’t even mind if the water is not so warm. We are getting Rosie and Jimmy for the day on Friday. They are so easy to have around. They play so nice together and although they like to have story books read to them, they do not need to be entertained!

Home Front News

Our living room is vacant of furniture. Martha’s new stuff hasn’t arrived and maybe won’t get here until October. We transported our old furniture to Austin’s newly remodeled basement where It looks great!

Still loving my Zager as I pick it up any time I can. Right now not much time to seriously practice anything new but it has helped my playing. I can now leave my Composite Accoustic tuned in DADGBE to play a couple of songs I enjoy. I discovered a great guitar shop in Red Lion called The Guitar Spot. Knowledgeable and eager to please. They put me on to a luthier who was able to shave the saddle on my Composite to improve the action. Now it would be even harder to break up with it.

I really want to replace the floor in my office. It has been a mess for quite a while and my wife is unsympathetic since it is rare anymore that I have clients in. Most of the business is done virtually and all electronic signatures on paperwork. It may be time for office renovation that can be a tax deduction. That is, at least a good excuse. All three guitars decorate the walls and if I can find a cheap frame for my James Taylor poster It is going up there as well.

Until next month,