GETTING PERSONAL, September 2021

Greetings to you All

Summer at a close, I won’t be sorry to see the oppressive heat and humidity go away. Quite thankful for the use of a pool to be able to cool off!

A wonderful month with lots of activity. Courtesy of my wife I was able to enjoy yet another James Taylor concert, postponed for a year! Finally got to Giant Center in Hershey for fantastic seats to see a Jackson Brown warm up for the always great James Taylor. In the company of my brother- in-law, Todd, we had a grand old time. Jackson Brown gave a great performance and, although not a big fan, I was really impressed with his performance and particularly impressed with his band! Electric guitarist, steel guitarist and his drummer, all fine dynamic and superb musicians as well as showman! A bit of a different kind of music from Taylor but immensely enjoyable. James joined Jackson on a final song and I, as well as Todd, were concerned. James looked really old and his voice not really what we were use to hearing. As it turned out, when he took the stage with his own band, super impressive as he and his people performed as spectacularly as I anticipated. NO MASKS REQUIRED! Took us longer to get out of the parking lot than it did to drive there, but well worth it. I have been to many of his concerts but this one was likely my last.

The Market

A small lull in activity (maybe due to school starting) but things remain pretty much the same. Inventories remain low and the home quest for buyers remains a challenge. Rates are still historically low. Listings sell within days and for the buyer, they need to be ready to spring when something suitable hits the market.

Prince and Princess Report

Happy to report many sleepovers with all! Along with lots of pool time, it has been a gratifying month of making memories. Rosie started her first day of kindergarten and it is a full day! No problem for her, she loves it. We are afforded some single time with brother Jimmy as we can help care for him when mom and dad’s work schedules dictate. We are so lucky to be able to have our grandkids so close. It is nice to be able to schedule time to have Annie and Ben at the same time as Rosie and Jimmy. They play so well together, and it makes it easy to keep them entertained. A few snacks, popsicles and ice cream, helps as we strive to spoil them.

Home Front News

The heat has prevented me from completing the paint job at the office. I expect this month will change that. Awaiting the arrival of our electric bikes that are supposed to show up sometime this month. I spent considerable time (but not much money) rearranging my home office. In as much as most of the business activity is done electronically, it is a waste of the office space to have it all set up for people to meet here. So, I switched out the front for the rear of the office. My desk console, books and real estate paraphernalia fit snuggly in the rear while more of the “man cave” theme is prevalent in the front. All my vinyl resides on easily accessible shelves. I have “rebuilt” an old cabinet that started off as some kind of storage cabinet of my wife’s grandfathers and transformed into a custom module for housing my entertainment gear along with slide out shelves for storing greatest hits albums and some of my favorite movie collections. The front office has become a “theater room/guitar studio” with somedecorating yet to come. If I can make enough money, I would like to install some theater seats. They would go so well with my neon Blue Moon clock set to arrive in a couple of days. It was a lot of time and energy put into the transformation but well worth the effort with the satisfaction that goes with an accomplishment that only has to suit me!

Until next month,