Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Krotzer Photography • krotzerphoto.com

Its Valentine’s Day 2012! There’s nothing more important in this world than love- it connotes family, companionship, and the almighty God!

Yes, we should love our significant others on the other 364 days of the year, but what’s wrong with taking a day to honor our relationships? Its an American tradition.

So I am taking some time and cyberspace to publicly announce my love for my wife Bethany. She’s my middle school sweetheart, and I must have won the love lottery to have found someone so compatible for me at such a young age. I adore her, and Valentines day reminds me how fortunate I am. To all of the singles out there: I wish you the success in love that I have found!

If you’re into sappiness, there’s more. Stories are much more interesting in the form of video slideshow. I made this for our wedding. Oh And here’s a video done for our wedding (I’m a proud husband):

Bethany + Nathan from Christopher Lee Films on Vimeo.