Home Office Makeover

Last month I promised pictures of my updated home office. This month, I’m delivering! Nothing like a promise like that to keep my motivation going. My home office has always been an eyesore. We never painted it after we moved in and the only furniture in it as of a few months ago was my desk and chair. My printer sat on the floor along with a few boxes of office things that we never quite unpacked four years ago. If you lived in my house and didn’t know where to put something, you would probably just dump it in this room. Somehow that’s what we all ended up doing. The bad thing is that my office is located at the front of my house so anyone who walks in my front door can see it. My office has a glass door so there was no hiding just how bad it was.


Looks like I just moved in, but sadly it’s been 4 years!

Leftover flooring and my printer just sitting on the floor.

Much to my husband’s dismay, once I decide on a project, I am on a mission to get it done. I stopped at Home Depot for some Behr paint. It’s my favorite brand. Their Marquis Collection has a one coat guarantee which saves a ton of time. Of course, they informed me when I went to order the paint that the color I chose was not a Marquis Color, so I very quickly picked a substitute. Still grey, but just a little darker which works because the room gets a ton of natural light.

A few days later, we were on or way to pick out some simple and inexpensive furniture from IKEA. We had an idea as to what we were going to purchase before going, but did end up chasing our plans a little. We opted for a Hemnes Bookshelf ($149), a small Kallax shelf unit ($38.99), and 2 Lekman boxes for the shelf ($12.99 each) all in white. Plain, functional, and most importantly, they didn’t break the bank. That same day, we got home from our shopping trip and we painted the office. It didn’t take long at all (my husband was nice and said he would edge around the ceiling and windows for me) and one coat was sufficient. That same evening, we built the furniture. My husband and I joke that everyone is all happy when they are leaving IKEA with their furniture, but it’s a a different story when you get it home and have to actually build it. Within a few hours, (and a little bit of swearing and a couple arguments) our furniture was built.

I picked up a few knick-knacks at Pier One and a plant from Lowes which totaled under $30. I also found a rug on Amazon that was much less expensive than the same exact rug on other websites. It was 4X6 and I was able to get it for under $70! All of my wall art were things that were sitting in my basement that I didn’t have room for anywhere else.


My finished project. The best thing is that it it cost well under $400 for everything and was only a day or so of work. I expect to have a successful year since I have an organized home office that I enjoy spending time in!