The Krotzer Family Homestead: Sourdough

Since my Annie-and-the-Chickens video was a big hit, I thought I bring you another video with the cuteness of my son Benjamin. This month, I’m showing you my homemade sourdough!

Many of you may share my love for the taste of a commercial sourdough bread. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed to discover that real sourdough in my experience does not have that same flavor, but this is still a delicious bread. There are many advantages to sourdough bread: no need to have yeast or baking soda on hand, its simple, and there are claims to better digestability even for people with gluten sensitivities (I first heard this claim on a Wise Traditions podcast… but just Google it).

I started doing sourdough 2 or 3 years ago and took a hiatus, coming back to it in July or August of this year. It is a little bit of a chore to feed it twice a day, but you can slow down the fermenting by putting the mixture in your refrigerator. I have done this while I am away. But I came back to it with good reason– give it a try! Enjoy our video!

The Krotzer Family Homestead: the birds!

I’m getting a little personal this month with a video blog on the home life! I could spend my days pretending I’m a farmer. This month I’m featuring my chicken/guinea hobby with the help of my daughter, Annabelle. We love our birds! I tried to cut the video down as short as possible while keeping it somewhat informative and entertaining. Forgive my newb daughter’s video shooting skills, but isn’t that little finger in front of the camera so cute? I hope you enjoy the video!

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