Getting Personal, December 2019

Greetings to you all!

This morning’s ice forecast is thankfully a bust! I stayed in touch with our supply minister and our services are a go. I won’t be attending due to a showing at 9am this morning but business goes on as usual.

Believe it or not, I received another summons to serve on jury duty! It has to be a mistake since I just served a few weeks ago. I left a message on the “voice mail” inquiring how is it that I was selected again. I have been informed that you are eligible in three years after serving, it hasn’t been 3 months! I have received no response yet. I am supposed to send in my questionnaire within 5 days which means I should send it in now.

My duty is to be the week of January 6th. I am going to return it blank with an explanation of my September jury duty and hope they don’t come to arrest me.

The end of the year is here, and I will be cleaning up files and my office in general. Lots to do along with getting my 2020 calendars out and setting some goals for the new year. I have had to pony up for a new Word program and still no fix for my Zip Forms program. I will likely be using the on-line program through NAR indefinitely. The files stored on my program are going to be lost.

The Market

Rates are down which continues to drive buyers into the market. Sellers, not so much. Inventories continue at record lows and buyers need to prepare themselves to be the best buyers they can be to compete for housing. Many properties priced in comparable range are gone in days. Even though the holiday season is upon us, it may be a good time for serious buyers to still be looking. Maybe the assumed holiday “slow down”will forestall some of the likely competition. I see no major change for the coming year.

Some of you out there know how long I have been a Realtor. I will be officially recognized by RAYAC and NAR in January as “Realtor Emeritus” for 40 years of service. Officially it happened in August of this year. Other than the title, I no longer have to pay Realtor dues or endure NAR periodic ethics training. I guess I can buy my own gold watch with the savings!

Prince and Princess report

We are still getting much desired babysitting duty as the busy holiday season puts more demands on our Kids schedule. It is so fun to have the grand kids around. It is so joyful to see the world from their perspective and share their “new” discoveries. Thanksgiving was especially fun as all of them were together at daughter Aubri’s for celebration. We will experience the same for Christmas when we are all together at Austin’s. Claire and Leo are at the age to really participate in our annual “mafia” tournament. They have mastered the game!

Home Front News

Martha has erected our new Christmas decorations. It consists of a lighted Nativity, three (kind of cartoonish) wise men and large lighted letters: JOY

Our old lawn stuff was well worn and has to be tossed out. It still resides over the garage in storage and on the honey do list. It has become harder to crawl up there and work, so I procrastinate.

The Durango enjoys the shelter of the garage as to avoid the anticipated ice. Shortly it will bear the rain as I have to get get going for my 9am showing.

My new “easy” chair has arrived from Way Fair. It is as comfortable as the one I tried out at Boscov’s, which was really wonderful. I can see spending time rocking grandkids and napping. Our newest arrival, rescue dog Janie, upon my arrival home, eagerly anticipates my positioning in that chair. My lap is one of her favorite places to be as we watch TV together (and nap).

Wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and the Happiest and most Prosperous NEW YEAR!

Until Next Month,

Lincoln's Nature Adventures

Lincoln is the son of my niece & nephew, Katie & Andy Strittmatter. He is seven years old & has had a love for creatures probably since the age of two. He started catching toads, frogs, & bugs & then at the age of three held his first snake (a baby black snake). Lincoln loves nature, & he got that love from his mom & Pappy (Dave Nace). Lincoln's Pappy has always tried to teach his children & grandchildren to see the beauty in nature & respect the creatures in it. He has tried to pass on to Lincoln that just because you are scared of something doesn't mean you should kill it. Lincoln started to make his own animal videos after he started watching Coyote Peterson who has a Youtube channel called Brave Wilderness. In the show, Coyote catches animals all around the world, & educates people on them. Lincoln hopes to become a zoologist one day.

Thank you Lincoln, for sharing your video with us, & we look forward to sharing others in the months to come!

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