Lincoln's Nature Adventures

Lincoln is the son of my niece & nephew, Katie & Andy Strittmatter. He is seven years old & has had a love for creatures probably since the age of two. He started catching toads, frogs, & bugs & then at the age of three held his first snake (a baby black snake). Lincoln loves nature, & he got that love from his mom & Pappy (Dave Nace). Lincoln's Pappy has always tried to teach his children & grandchildren to see the beauty in nature & respect the creatures in it. He has tried to pass on to Lincoln that just because you are scared of something doesn't mean you should kill it. Lincoln started to make his own animal videos after he started watching Coyote Peterson who has a Youtube channel called Brave Wilderness. In the show, Coyote catches animals all around the world, & educates people on them. Lincoln hopes to become a zoologist one day.

Thank you Lincoln, for sharing your video with us, & we look forward to sharing others in the months to come!

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