The Cliche: Working Smarter, Not Harder… with Mulberries

Welcome back to the Krotzer Homestead. If anyone has ever picked berries, they’ve likely felt the frustration of having their one hand tied up with holding the container, leaving just one hand for harvesting.

One solution I had was to take a clean plastic container, cut slits for a belt to be looped through, and wear the container around my waist. This freed up two hands for picking, and totally made me look like a stud. This works well for harvesting blueberries and raspberries, but mulberry harvesting has an even better option.

Just spread out a large clean sheet and shake the branches above. Some will miss the blanket and become chicken or insect food, but our mulberries are so plentiful that we don’t mind sharing. Our family enjoys mulberries as a snack, as a jam, in a scone or biscuit, on top of pancakes (heat mulberries with maple syrup & butter), or we’ve even tried drying them this year. Enjoy the demo by the cutest assistant on YouTube!

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